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Supercharge Your Invoice Processing


When you’re dealing with an ever-growing number of supplier invoices, you’ll know that keeping on top of everything is a demanding task.

Without a simple and efficient system for managing your business payments and outgoings, invoice processing quickly becomes overwhelming.

What if technology could automatically scan, categorise and post your invoices into your finance system, and deliver visibility and control over all of your invoice processing activities? Introducing Verify


Manual Invoice Processing.

Hello Verify.

Verify is a cloud-based automated invoice processing system that helps make invoice processing easy.

Verify streamlines invoice processing by capturing and matching data automatically. It routes exceptions for approval and ensures the data posted to your finance system is approved, correct and ready for payment.

With full visibility and flexible reporting, Verify helps to prevent fraud and lets you stay in control every step of the way.

8 Simple Steps.


With Verify, businesses can prioritise the strategic tasks that drive growth, while slow, repetitive tasks are seamlessly automated.

By eliminating manual data entry and line-by-line verification, processing time can be reduced by up to 90%.


With Verify, your business can effortlessly manage an influx of supplier invoices without the need to expand your team.

The system seamlessly scales with your business, ensuring that as your operations grow, Verify grows with you.


With Verify, businesses benefit from improved visibility across the entire approval process, helping to prevent fraud.

Monitoring the status of invoices is a breeze, allowing finance teams to respond to queries in an instant. And with easy access to the latest invoice data, decision-makers can make smart, informed choices.


Verify gives you the freedom to process your supplier invoices anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re in the office, at home, in a café, or on the train, handle your invoices your way.

Verify offers flexible work options tailored to your business needs, making it perfect for hybrid teams and people on the go.


Market research suggests that, on average, it costs £4-25 to process an invoice manually.

With invoice automation solutions this can be significantly reduced, to less than £1 per invoice.


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Get Verified.

Discover how Verify can supercharge your invoicing and make your organisation’s invoice processing and approvals easy, supporting you on your journey towards digital transformation.

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