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Championing responsibility across all parts of our business.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework ensures we’re always held to account, and our guiding principles of integrity, trust and responsibility are central to everything we do.

We have a duty to operate and deliver our technology solutions and services in a way that benefits our customers, our staff, our partners and the wider world – today and for the future.

Explore our three ESG pillars below.


As national providers of workplace technology solutions, we’re on a mission to not only make the lives of our customers easier, but to do so in a sustainable manner and lessen our impact on the environment…


We have a responsibility to support both our Agilico colleagues and our wider communities. With a reputation for customer-centric solutions, putting the needs of others at the forefront of our service offering, we…


In order to govern ourselves successfully, a robust system of regulation, practices and procedures are required. We can then continue to meet the needs of our partners, stakeholders and colleagues effectively…

At Agilico we’ve built our reputation on forging trusted relationships with our colleagues, customers and wider communities. Our ESG framework is at the heart of this, helping us to identify new resources to support our actions, and guide us as we continue to grow and develop as an organisation. We’re committed to leading by example, and always operating with integrity, trust and responsibility.

Simon DaveyCEO
Environmental: Measuring and reducing our impact on the environment.
Social: Strengthening our relationship with society.
Governance: Operating with honesty and integrity.

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