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Telecoms and IT

Accelerate your transformation with communication, connectivity and managed IT services.

Give your people the power to perform.

The right technology infrastructure can transform the effectiveness, efficiency and agility of your organisation. It can make your people more productive and improve customer satisfaction and team morale. We can partner with you to design, deliver and support your digital foundation for business success.

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Unified Communications

Microsoft Teams Phone Integration

Make and take calls directly within Microsoft Teams.

Many organisations are accelerating their plans to transform into more agile working environments for their people. Microsoft Teams is often a critical component of that transformation. By connecting your customer-facing telephony capability with MS Teams, you’ll enable your staff to communicate and collaborate, whether they’re in the office, or on the move.

We’ll help you embrace a streamlined and unified approach to communication.

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Internet Connectivity Solutions

Invest in a rapid and reliable foundation for digital transformation.

The accelerated adoption of digital solutions demands robust, high-performance connectivity. We’ll assess your data needs and craft a solution that fits. We can provide options that match your needs and budget including: Leased Lines for maximum speed and capacity, Fibre-to-the-Cabinet for a balance of performance and affordability or Ethernet First Mile for a reliable, cost-effective connection.

We’ll deliver a future-proofed connectivity solution.

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Session Initiation Protocol

SIP Trunking

Keep your legacy telephony connected with high-performance internet.

The 2027 switch-off of PSTN and ISDN could make your telephony system redundant. If you’re not ready to move to a fully hosted system, we can provide a SIP trunking capability that connects your traditional PBX telephony system to the cloud. This means you can use cutting-edge technology like: IP Handsets, collaboration software, remote working capabilities and more…

We’ll give your traditional telephony system a new lease of life.

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IT Support

Managed IT Services

Trust us to support, optimise and evolve your IT while you focus on the business.

Many organisations lack the skills and resources to keep their IT effective and aligned to the business. We’ll design and deliver a Managed IT service that gives your people the applications, systems and support they need to be fully effective. Our experts can deliver a broad span of services like:  IT helpdesk, security, infrastructure management, application support and more…

We’ll help you build a better technology infrastructure and reduce your operational costs.

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Site Access

Visitor Management Systems

Managing visitors and staff access is an increasingly vital aspect of physical security. We can deliver a digital visitor management system that will help you protect your people and your premises, while reducing the burden on your front-of-house team.

You’ll be able to streamline the registration process for visitors and staff with touchscreen technology and maximise security with visitor monitoring. You’ll also improve compliance, evacuation drills and emergency communication procedures and more…

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AV Technology

Audio Visual Systems

Engaging and interactive digital displays are used to improve communication, productivity and training in a wide variety of educational and commercial settings. We can provide, install and maintain a wide range of cutting-edge audio-visual technology.

We’ll help you select the right solution from a range of capabilities such as: interactive touchscreens, video walls, interactive tables, digital whiteboards, video conferencing, HD projectors, large format displays and more…

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