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Agile Working

Keep your teams connected, responsive and productive wherever they are.

Give your hybrid workers everything they need to be effective and efficient.

Rapid and continuous change has become normality for organisations – with many adopting flexible and hybrid patterns of working. Traditional workplace technologies could be holding your people back, limiting your ability to adapt and evolve. We’ve built a set of agile working capabilities that will help your teams stay connected, responsive and productive.

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Automated Invoice Processing

Automate and accelerate invoice processing

Take a highly effective step in your journey from paper-based processes to digital workflow.

Keeping on top of invoice processing is a demanding task for most finance teams and business owners. Without a clearly defined, efficient process for managing supplier payments and outgoings, it’s easy for accounts payable departments to become overloaded and payments to be missed.

We’ll help you scan, categorise and file invoices automatically and make them accessible to your approvers anytime, anywhere.

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Inbound Mail

Digital Mailroom System

Digitise and accelerate inbound mail handling and workflow.

Handling and directing inbound mail to your remote workers can be problematic. We’ll help you build a cutting-edge digital mailroom capability that captures, digitises, organises and routes inbound mail to the right teams and individuals for processing. You can use intelligent document categorisation and information capture to accelerate workflow and save time in responding to invoices, applications and more…

We’ll make sure you can keep processing inbound mail no matter what.

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Off-site or Outsourced Scanning

Give your teams the power to capture and digitise documents and mail wherever they are.

If you can’t access your on-site scanners, it’s harder to digitise documents and inbound mail. We can keep you productive with two off-site scanning options: a portable ‘ScanPOD’ system that can be located anywhere – or – a fully-outsourced scanning service with optional inbound mail redirection. Both offer rapid, secure scanning, automated filing, workflow integration and more…

We’ll help you reduce your dependency on office infrastructure for document capture

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Document Archiving

Secure Digital and Physical Document Archiving

Make your physical document archive digital and accessible anywhere.

Accessing documents in your archives can be a challenge, especially when working remotely. We provide a service that digitises and files physical documents, making them easy to locate and retrieve. We can use capabilities like OCR and machine learning to automate the classification and indexing of documents. We can even facilitate the bulk scanning and organisation of your whole document inventory.

We’ll save your people time and effort and make your documents easy to find.

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Print Management

Secure Printing For Remote Workers

Many organisations want their remote teams to send documents to print on office infrastructure but are concerned about potential security issues. Print management software can provide the control and protection you need to enable remote worker printing with confidence.

We can deliver a solution that allows your remote workers to automatically print their documents on their next visit to the office (follow-me), or to nominate a delegate to safely print and collect documents and more…

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Power PDF

Unleash the Full Power of PDF

The security issues and storage problems associated with some document formats have been magnified as organisations adopt more agile working practices. The PDF document format, already a worldwide success story and standard for many businesses, is now enjoying renewed focus.

PDF makes it easy for your teams to view, store, print, share, navigate and protect documents. We can help you get more from PDF using Kofax’s Power PDF software, which simplifies document creation, conversion, editing, e-signing and more…

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Office Furniture Solutions

We’ve supplied office furniture solutions since 1974. Everything from a 1-person office to a 300+ office block – complete with conference rooms, breakout areas, reception and canteen furniture.

We offer ‘off the shelf’ furniture, desks, storage, reception units, conference tables. We also provide bespoke items like storage walls with massive video conference back projectors. Our range also includes ergonomic and orthopaedic office chairs and height adjustable desks.

From initial planning to the finished article we deliver a personalised space solution for you…

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