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Information Management

Manage and integrate your data, documents and processes in a single workflow solution.

Give your teams the documents and information they need to stay productive.

Traditional paper-based processes and a fragmented approach to electronic document management can be barriers to effectiveness – especially when your teams work remotely. An Information Management system will capture, organise, distribute and process a broad range of documents and data. You can use this workflow to streamline business processes and give your people access to the right information anytime, anywhere.

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Enterprise Content Management

Take control of your digital content

Innovative organisations require efficient access to their data to maintain a competitive edge. However, managing diverse data channels and formats, including paper and electronic documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, scanned images, and videos, can be complex and disruptive to essential processes, slowing down performance.

With Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, you can take control of your digital assets, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration across your organisation.

We’ll help you elevate your data management and ensure compliance with ECM software tailored to your business needs.

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Remote Working

Get Access From Anywhere

Create a flexible and effective working environment for your teams.

Remote working is here to stay. It’s more important than ever that you give your homeworkers and your office-based teams access to a single, shared set of documents, data and processes. Using a combination of mobile apps and secure web access, we’ll work with you to provide remote access to a cutting-edge Information Management system.

We’ll help you remove the roadblocks to productivity for your remote workers.

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Data Protection

Secure and protect your documents and data

Don’t risk it. Build an information management system you can trust.

With the relentless rise of cybercrime and the move to more flexible working environments, the security and protection of your precious data and documents is critical. We’ll help you take a robust and compliant approach to information management security – with capabilities such as: digital archiving, file encryption, multi-factor authentication, data-loss prevention and more.

We’ll make sure your most valuable information assets are properly defended and always available.

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Document Capture

Accelerate and automate document capture

Scan, organise and process paper documents in your digital workflow.

Capturing and integrating paper assets into your information management system will remain a critical part of your operations. We’ll ensure your teams can process invoices, applications and other paper documents from any location. We’ll integrate your multifunctional devices (MFDs) to provide rapid scanning and provide onward processing with smart capabilities such as: OCR, automatic classification, advanced data extraction and more…

We’ll help you bridge the gap between paper and digital processes.

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Workflow & Automation

Harness the power of process automation

Build a digital foundation for business process optimisation.

In an operating environment of rapid and continuous change, workflow technology can be transformational in helping you maintain operational effectiveness. We’ll work with you to automate, streamline and standardise your key processes, so that your teams can: automatically route documents and data to the right people for processing, manage approvals, embed digital signatures and more…

We’ll help you adapt and accelerate your key processes for maximum productivity.

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Measure, analyse and optimise

Take a data-driven approach to process optimisation.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure runs the old adage, which is why reporting and analytics are a critical part of every Information Management system we provide. We’ll work with you to configure and automate a powerful reporting capability – giving you a real-time view of process status, work allocations, work queues, approvals and much more.

We’ll give you the insights you need to deliver continuous improvement.

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Business continuity built-in

If your documents and data are spread across multiple repositories and physical locations, you could face some serious issues when technology fails or disaster strikes. Resilience is a defining feature of the Information Management systems we provide.

We can configure cloud back-up for both hosted and on-premise solutions – ensuring that your valuable documents and data are backed up and protected in an ultra-secure environment. And if the worst does happen, automated disaster recovery capabilities will keep you fully operational – no matter what.

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Connect and integrate

If your document management and workflow systems operate in isolation, you can waste significant amounts of time and effort switching between office productivity tools and tracking down key documents. We’ll provide an Information Management platform that seamlessly integrates into your key systems to streamline process and minimise duplication.

You’ll enjoy bi-directional integration of documents and information between: MS Office, MS Sharepoint, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Docusign and a whole host of other software solutions…

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