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No, unfortunately we are not talking about Pokemon Go, the latest trend for smartphone users that is filling the streets with children, teens and adults alike, all on their quest to catch ’em all.

We’re talking about the expenditure monsters within your business, specifically when it comes to printing.

It is likely that your business is spending significantly more than necessary on its print. Document production typically equates to 3% of a business’ revenue and is one of the largest areas of expense for most organisations.

Imagine a world where you can highlight the print devices within your offices, the departments or even the individuals that are generating the highest overheads within your business.

Well there are solutions available, some of them exclusive to Agilico that can help you to take control of your print fleet and ensure that your departments and the individuals within them take accountability for their printing, preventing unnecessary wastage. Our solutions give your IT department the facility to monitor usage and apply rules based printing to direct high volume prints to the most efficient device, control colour usage as well as giving you the ability to recover expenditure where possible. Typically you can expect to achieve print savings of up to 40%.

With our own 3D Print View software, you are able to monitor your devices in real time, giving visibility of your toner levels as well as what is being printed, when and by whom.

To find out how to catch ’em all please contact our team.

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