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The NHS has been under increasing pressure for some time. Demand is rising, beds are running out, and everyone – from the junior doctor to the senior consultant – is overworked. The question is: how can this huge demand be brought under control?

We believe that the answer could lie in the tech sector. More specifically, we believe that kitting out the average GP surgery with hosted telephony technology will allow it to operate far more efficiently, saving time and money and improving patient safety. Here is how.


Online & Telephone Appointments and Consultations

When you book a face-to-face doctor’s appointment you can be faced with long waiting times, usually because of previous appointments over-running. A consultation carried out online, or over the phone, provides a neat solution to that problem – the doctor can do it easily from their office, and the patient doesn’t have to leave work or the house; merely find a quiet space for 10 minutes.

To make this work as efficiently as possible, a hosted phone system is advisable. Hosted phones operate over the internet, making them cheaper and more efficient. Best of all, when you use the same provider for your broadband and phone system, they will be on hand to work out any kinks in your connection.

Improved Patient Security

Patient information is highly confidential, and must be stored in a way that makes it invulnerable to hacking, theft or file corruption. When you use hosted technology services, you can store your patient data remotely in safe, secure servers. Our highly-secure data centres comply with the latest NHS security regulations, protecting you and your patients from hacking, viruses and spyware.

Hosted Technology is Cheaper

One of the best ways for a surgery to save money without compromising patient safety is to implement hosted technology practices. When you use cloud computing, accessing your resources and making phone calls through the internet, you can save money on server hardware and line rental. Crucially, allowing your patients to book consultations and organise repeat prescriptions online also saves time – and in the NHS, time saved equates to money saved.


Another Thing to Bear in Mind – Good Broadband is Essential

Hosted technology relies on an excellent broadband connection, so anyone looking to make the switch should start by signing up for a proper internet package. Remember that different types of connection are available. A fibre leased line, for instance, is appropriate if over 30 people are going to be using the connection at any one time. This is an excellent option if you want to provide reliable internet to your patients while they are on-site, allowing them to access and download online materials.