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uniFLOW Printing & Scanning Platform

Agilico - Authorised Reseller

What is uniFLOW?

Owned by Canon, uniFLOW is a printing, scanning and device management system, helping businesses control costs, reduce waste, boost productivity and increase security. While it is a Canon product, it operates across vendors, with modular and configurable features which makes it flexible for businesses and organisations of all sizes and sectors. Its single interface means users benefit from a consistent experience, regardless of device or location.

Secure Printing

  • User authentication 
    Unlock and release a job directly from a device, with a key card, pin code, password or username.
  • Print from any chosen device
    With ‘follow you’ printing, a user can send a job to a print queue, then select any networked device from which to release the job.

Document & Workflow Automation

  • Customisable scanning
    Individual access rights can be set for different users, giving administrators control over device and document usage.
  • Efficient document processing
    Extract key data from documents with OCR; convert files to a range of formats; blank page removal, and more, delivers efficient document processing activities.
  • Simple sharing & routing
    After processing, documents can be automatically routed to a range of digital repositories, including SharePoint, Therefore, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

Print From Anywhere

  • Print from a mobile/tablet
    From any location, a user can send and release a print job directly from their handheld device, which can then be tracked and accounted for through the usual reporting systems.
  • Mobile apps
    Process a print job from a mobile Android, iOS or Windows device simply and securely.
  • Printing for visitors
    For temporary staff or guests, print jobs can be emailed to a specific inbox. The user will then receive a temporary code with which to release the job.
  • Chromebook printing
    Printing from a Chromebook is done in exactly the same way as from any other laptop of device.
  • Mopria support
    With the Mopria Print Service app, Android users can seamlessly connect to and print from a device, with the usual tracking and reporting functions available to administrators.

Full Control & Reporting

  • Access rights
    Individual authorisation levels can be set up by an administrator, depending on job role, department or location, and jobs can be automatically routed to a particular device based on pre-set rules.
  • Audit trails
    Every time a device is used, for printing, scanning, copying or processing, activity can be recorded and logged.
  • Device monitoring
    With a single device or a larger print fleet, administrators can monitor all devices in real time – including uptime, toner levels, paper stock, cost tracking, user usage statistics, and system errors – and receive notifications should an issue arise.
  • Automatic server connection
    Should a connected server fail, the device will automatically reconnect to another connected server to ensure business continuity.
  • Cost tracking
    Administrators can track and monitor all printing, copying and scanning activities, and set up cost centres across devices or networks. Users can access and allocate jobs to cost centres at a device or a laptop/PC.
  • Track environmental impact
    Results of environmentally friendly printing rules can be monitored and any savings directly attributed.

Print Room Management

  • uniFLOW job ticketing
    With standardised practices for sending a job to the print room, activites are made easy to follow and understand when they arrive.
  • Efficient processing 
    Individual print queues for print room staff can be assigned, allowing print orders to be efficiently managed. Processes can also be automated, with key settings in print jobs automatically identified and routed to a device.
  • Preview and prepare
    Print room staff can quickly preview and prepare jobs, before they’re sent to a device, and edit or adjust if necessary prior to completion.

Cloud Printing With uniFLOW Online

  • Future-oriented IT
    With uniFLOW the power of local servers can still be used, while the connection to uniFLOW Online locations offers fast and easy scalability options without the need to add additional servers.
  • Tailor-made enhanced security
    A uniFLOW server can be placed in high security areas or where documents are scanned to internal DMS systems. In cloud-only locations, Windows print jobs do not leave the company network, thanks to uniFLOW SmartClient.
  • Fit-for-purpose
    Fit for everyday use, organizations can mix and match server and cloud sites with uniFLOW. Temporary locations can be integrated quickly as cloud site, providing a secure print and scan environment across all locations.
  • Cost benefits
    For growing companies, making highly accurate growth projections to scale on-premises infrastructure can be risky and expensive. uniFLOW leverages legacy IT investments and marry them with cloud resources, enabling flexible scalability while saving costs.


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