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Right now, the effective education of students of all ages has never been so critical – whether it be on-site or remote learning.

When searching for funding opportunities, new technical systems and areas for cost saving, it’s difficult for educational institutions to know exactly what’s out there and what requires change.

It’s important to get a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of information and communication technology (ICT) – from funding and procurement, back office integration, infrastructure & IT resource, and training & development. Without the right knowhow and analysis, it’s easy for institutions to mismanage these critical areas, and mistakes here can be incredibly costly.

With our many decades of combined experience in the sector, as well as our specialist education partner The Moxton Group, we’re working with educational institutions across the country to identify and address a wide range of ICT issues, helping them streamline otherwise inefficient operations and create better learning environments for their students. Utilising the skills and experience of people who have been at the heart of Education and ICT in commercial businesses, schools, local authorities and federations for decades, we’re presenting realistic challenges to existing operations, deliverable strategies and effective procurement.

An ICT Health Check is an invaluable tool for educators, and one which will save a Trust or educational institution substantially more than the cost of the review itself.

ICT Health Check – At a Glance

What it covers:

IT Contracts
Data Analysis & sharing
Technical solutions
Single Points of Failure (SPoF)
Use of Technology in Teaching & Learning

What it delivers:

5 year financial model
5 year technology refresh strategy
New operational models
Plan for use of technology in T&L
Broadband/security and comms plan
Parental engagement plan
Additional, on demand capacity/capability

The ICT Health Check Process

This initial phase is all about understanding the IT estate, technically, operationally and financially. It is also an opportunity to find out about any current issues or potential risks in being able to use the ICT infrastructure to support teaching, learning and management.

This phase is all about putting the plans in place to enable effective and manageable ICT that is “joined up“ across the trust.
This phase is all about working with you as a client to ensure any change programme is delivered on time, to budget and is effective both in the classroom and for management needs.

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