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Despite the advances in information technology, many organisations still look like they have an addiction to paper. It’s everywhere, acting like a security blanket, despite its inherently vulnerable state.

What it actually represents is a gross inefficiency pervading the business.

So, allow us to expand on 4 incredibly valid reasons why a managed print service brings with it a distinct commercial advantage to any business.

Operational Efficiency

One single system for managing the flow of information through the workplace will eradicate the inefficiencies of the existing manual systems you have in place. Systems that are open to error, vulnerable to failure and extraordinarily time consuming.

View your managed print service as a critical part of your IT systems, consolidating workload and making use of the company’s resources only when and where needed.

Management and maintenance

Place responsibility through one provider, responsible for the installation and maintenance of the company’s managed print service, to ensure smooth running of operations throughout. Maintenance schedules and upgrades should take place according to the needs of the business, mitigating against down time due to breakdowns and poor maintenance. There will be one point of contact for support, providing you with an efficient support service on demand.


Increasing operational efficiencies and reducing waste will produce significant cost savings. Staff will be more productive and provide a more professional, timely service to customers. Set strict budgets up front to control costs for total management of your print services.


A managed print service can be configured to integrate into your existing business systems, streamlining workflows, boosting productivity and improving front line customer service.

Of course, you need to follow due diligence before enlisting the services of a managed print provider. This is a key business investment that will reap dividends in cost reduction and boost to output. But only if the correct system and provider are chosen.

A few words of caution therefore:


Do your homework on your current costs and be clear about the financial gains you can expect to make following migration to MPS. Contracts vary according to which provider you choose, so be careful not to be tied in for too long a period in a contract that may not be suitable for the business in the medium to long term.

Short-term financial gains can easily be outweighed by a long-term commitment to an agreement that doesn’t work for you.


It’s hard to future proof your business systems – new technology is evolving all the time. It’s important to be aware too that the business may grow/shrink or change in some way that renders current systems inadequate. Our advice is to keep contracts on as short a term as possible – 3 years ideally.


Take into account the different user groups, including remote and roaming workers. Integration of all your devices and operating systems is crucial to successful implementation.


A managed print service extends beyond just print. Consider also the needs for document capture, workflow management and integration with existing business systems. Think about your plans for the future too and ensure they are taken into account.

Keep testing

Always proceed with caution. Test each step of integration as it happens to ensure smooth implementation and willing adoption of the new ways of working by your staff.

Truly assess the needs of the business

This is the time to get people involved – people who use the current system and can reveal the real extent of its needs and weaknesses. We recommend enlisting the services of paid-for professional analysis, rather than the option of a free audit. The latter will often deliver a report based on what they’d like to provide, rather than meeting the true needs of the business.


It’s always advisable to ask around and seek referrals to providers where you can. Find out about others’ experiences; the potential pitfalls and tips for successful integration of managed print services. And you may need to think beyond the printing needs of the business through to managed document workflow. This is the time to thoroughly assess your workplace so the whole of the business benefits. Talk this through with your short list of providers to get a feel for which is going to help, not just provide a quick fix, but a complete system that integrates completely and meets all your criteria.