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With the ever increasing use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, some may think that the need for paper copy is diminishing. The facts are that the demand for print hasn’t changed. What has changed however, is the devices from which we do print, where and when we want it.

Mobile devices are a crucial business tool as people now expect access to what they want, whenever and wherever they want it. Mobile devices are used for sending and checking emails, accessing business information and reviewing documents as well printing any of these documents on the move.

According to TechNavio, the most requested feature on a mobile device is the ability to print wirelessly. Moreover it is estimated by IDC that at present, 50% of smartphone users will utilise this feature in the business environment. This being said, a similar IDC report gives evidence that almost the same percentage of smartphone users are unsure of how to use this function.

Mobile devices are designed based on simplicity and ease of use, so why should this be any different when trying to print from them? Well the answer is, until recently it has been far from easy. In light of recent advancements from Kyocera and Canon in mobile print, individuals are now able to print from their mobile device at little more than the tap of a button. The solution is simple, and unlike many people believe, it is possible to print from a mobile to almost any networked device, regardless of mobile OS or device manufacturer.

Mobile print can be implemented as a secure function whereby print jobs are kept within the firewall with secure Wi-Fi printing to any device located within the business’ network. Further security can be implemented through the use of secure release printing, ensuring full audit trails and accountability of mobile workers.

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