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As you may be aware, Microsoft Windows recently had a vulnerability dubbed “PrintNightmare”, where a hacker could gain access to a system through the print spooler.

Although other security breaches were needed prior to this being possible, it had still been categorised as critical by Microsoft.

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft have already released a patch and Agilico strongly recommend ensuring this patch has been installed on your server estate. Windows 10 computers will obtain this update automatically.

The below gives instructions for any customers wanting to follow this advice:

Check your windows update history and ensure that KB5003173 has been previously installed, if it has not, install this one first.

For offline deployment, if your server does not have KB4601382 or later cumulative update, install KB4598481 first and then KB5003173

Once the above steps have been completed, install KB5004945 to patch the vulnerability.

Note of Caution:

Microsoft have reported that the vulnerability patch will also remove Adobe Flash, so it is important that you work with any software vendors should their software require Adobe Flash to work. Microsoft have also advised that by taking this update, servers built from an ISO may have Microsoft Edge Legacy removed. There is a work around for this, so if Legacy Edge is required, please follow the recommended steps.

More information can be found here.

If you have any further questions please get in touch with the Agilico Team.