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Version 6.21 of Invu Document Management is now available free of charge to all customers with an active InvuCare agreement.

As well as the renaming of the product to Invu Document Management, the latest version includes Email Director support for Microsoft 365, bug fixes, and improvements to the annotation functionality. All these changes make Invu Document Management work even better for your business. Read on to learn more about these changes:

  • Email Director Support for Microsoft 365: We have now added support for Microsoft Graph in Email Director, which has also allowed us to offer a new “Exchange Online” mode of operation. This removes the need for journaling, simplifying configuration for customers wanting to adopt Microsoft 365.
  • Rebrand of Invu Document Management: As well as an official rename to “Invu Document Management”, the system has now adopted the Agilico brand colours following the acquisition in November 2021.
  • Improvements to the Annotation functionality: Following customer feedback, we have made changes to this functionality to improve usability.
  • Enhancements to Link Manager: for customers with very large linked list configurations, we have re-engineered parts of Link Manager to improve scalability.

Already have an active InvuCare licence and would like to update your system now? Contact the support team here.

Existing Invu Document Management customer but you do not have an InvuCare licence? If you would like to update, please contact your account manager, or get in contact with us here to discuss how we can bring you back into InvuCare.

Are you not currently an Invu Document Management customer but would like to help your business save time and stay connected, responsive and productive? Invu is a robust, scalable and flexible document management platform that helps make work easy. Learn more here.

Make sure your Invu Document Management system stays fully optimised.

We sometimes need to make our customers aware of important updates to Invu Document Management, to ensure your system stays secure, fully optimised, and provides you with the most up to date features.

To continue to get the most out of your system and for these essential emails to reach the right person, please confirm who the best contact regarding ‎Agilico‎’s Invu Document Management system is.