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Invu’s latest Document Management update includes its most exciting functionality yet: Invu Link Share.

Invu, the provider of Document Management, Accounts Payable and Purchase Order Automation, has launched a link sharing solution that enables companies and customers to securely share highly sensitive data and documents outside their organisation, with full control and GDPR compliance.

The new link sharing addition to their latest version of Invu Document Management makes it easy for employees to share business documents outside their organisation, saving valuable time and retaining full control of important correspondence that could be crucial to business operations.

Many businesses struggle to share sensitive data externally, leading to potential GDPR breaches, fines and reputational damage. Indeed, almost two-thirds of employees (65%) say they’ve sent an email to the wrong person – with everything from confidential figures to legal documents going astray.

Explaining why this solution has been developed, Invu Finance Director and General Manager, Ian Smith, says,

“When the need to share a sensitive document outside the organisation arises, many struggle to find a secure and easy way to share such documents. A tendency to comprise on security in favour of ease of use often sees staff use an inappropriate tool, email. This can expose confidential documents held securely in-house to the wrong parties. Invu Link Share allows businesses securing their documents in-house in an Invu Document Management system a solution to this problem that is both easy to use and secure.”

The Invu Link Sharing functionality works to ensure all documents are shared in a GDPR compliant environment, allowing businesses full control over the distribution of documents. When sharing a link, a user can revoke access to the document at any time, and there is full traceability of documents, enabling the business to see if the link has been opened, and specifically who opened it and what files have been sent out.

Smith continues, “It is difficult to stop an email sent to the wrong address arriving there. Even more so to know whether an attachment was opened and read. Invu Link Share enables the person sharing the document more time to revoke access to the document and provides an audit trail showing that your intended recipient has received the invitation and has opened the document. That sinking feeling seconds after hitting send only to realise you’ve used the wrong address can be quickly rectified.”

See Invu Link Share in action

If you are an existing Invu Document Management customer with a valid InvuCare licence and would like to upgrade to receive Invu Link Share, please contact the Invu Support Team here.

If you’re not currently an Invu customer but would like to learn more about Invu Document Management, click here.