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A simple approach to help your teams stay connected, responsive and productive in the face of rapid change

Rapid and continuous change has become normality for most organisations, with remote and flexible working transforming the way workforces and businesses operate.

Traditional working practices and the workplace technologies that support them are barriers to effectiveness.

So, we’ve developed Business Agility 1-2-3 to keep organisations like yours fully operational and delivering the highest levels of service – no matter what.

Business Agility 1-2-3 centres around three key digital approaches that can help you overcome the primary challenges faced in becoming more agile, robust and efficient.

What are the three components?

By following these three simple steps, you can boost performance and efficiency across your organisation.


Invest in a flexible and fit for purpose hosted telephony system that allows your team to stay connected no matter where they are.


Reduce your dependency on office-based infrastructure for printing, preparation and posting of physical documents, using hybrid mail.


Harness the power of document digitisation to ensure your people have access to the data and documentation they need to work effectively, anytime and anywhere.

1. Stay Connected

Moving to a robust hosted telephony platform will allow your staff to stay connected to your customers and each other – no matter where they are. It even integrates directly into MS Teams.

  • In the office, at home or on the move, harness the power of a single, integrated telephony platform
  • No need for complicated call-forwarding when your team works remotely – all your numbers will just work
  • Seamless integration into Microsoft Teams
  • Check the status and availability of your colleagues wherever they are
  • No complex telephony system to manage and maintain – everything is hosted in the cloud

2. Stay Responsive

Using a hybrid mail solution will give your teams the power to print, package and post documents to your customers and business contacts at the click of a button – from any location.

  • Maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction with rapid dispatch of key documents
  • No physical printing, packaging or postal infrastructure required
  • Simple, easy to use and integrates with your key business applications and processes
  • Initiate the postal process anytime and anywhere
  • Monitor, approve and manage postal costs centrally from an online portal

3. Stay Productive

A document digitisation system will transform the way your team works with documents and make your information accessible from anywhere.

  • Store, organise and process all types of documents and data in a single, secure, cloud-based system
  • Streamline and automate key business processes and approval steps
  • Easy to deploy, use and maintain and integrates to mission-critical systems such as your CRM
  • Access documents securely from any device, anywhere at the touch of a button
  • Single source of truth, with no time wasted working on incorrect versions or chasing paper copies


Keep your teams connected, responsive and productive

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