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You don’t have to look far to find examples of cyber security breaches – they happen every day, in nearly every industry and country. With high profile cases making the headlines, you could be forgiven for ignoring all the less newsworthy breaches that occur on a daily basis.

While many smaller breaches don’t make headlines, others affect millions and have lasting effects on businesses.

While it’s not always possible to prevent a data breach, having proper cyber security protocols in place can help reduce the likelihood of a breach and make recovering from a security event much easier, should one occur.

We have put together our 20 top tips to help get your business’s cyber security in good shape.

Cyber Security Top Tips

  1. Always make sure you use a ‘£’ (pound sign) in your passwords. 99% of keyboards across the world do not have a ‘£’ key so you reduce the probability of attack from certain countries
  2. Most failures in cyber security are down to PICNIC (Problem In Chair, Not In Computer)!
  3. Make sure all of your staff, from board level to shop floor have appropriate awareness training
  4. Annual staff audits are essential in refreshing knowledge and skills and understanding new threats
  5. Check whether your business insurance policies provide cyber insurance
  6. Duties of cyber security do not just belong to the manager/ owner of a business – it is everyone’s responsibility
  7. Think twice before opening an email attachment – are you expecting it?
  8. If software applications or websites offer Two Factor Authentication – use it
  9. Avoid using free Wi-Fi in coffee shops as it is often unsecured
  10. Use an app to securely store passwords – like LastPass or 1 Password (DO NOT WRITE THEM DOWN)
  11. Conduct a data mapping exercise to assess what data you hold and how and where it is held
  12. Get management buy in for GDPR compliance (including budget!)
  13. Never disclose security details such as PIN numbers and passwords, and don’t always assume a call/email is genuine
  14. Don’t be rushed – a supplier or genuine caller won’t mind giving you time to stop and think – stay in control
  15. Prioritise security – in a world where mobility and cloud are more prevalent, prioritise getting the right security solutions in place to take advantage of the benefits of mobility and cloud while not compromising on the security of your data
  16. Find the right IT partner – finding an IT services provider like Agilico that can support you on your cloud, mobility and security journey is crucial. Find a provider with experience and expertise in these areas and utilise their knowledge to safeguard your business
  17. Create a simple communications plan and make sure you and your colleagues know what to do in the event of a cyber security breach
  18. If you experience a cyber security breach, respond and don’t go silent. Be decisive and keep customers, suppliers, employees and others informed
  19. CMS and plugin updates – make sure your Content Management System / website and plugins are updated regularly, especially if a security patch is available
  20. Enrol onto the Cyber Essentials scheme to ensure processes and procedures are embedded in your business

Get in touch to find out what your business can do to improve your security.