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Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Progress towards achieving SDG8 has been challenging and the world is far from reaching most of the targets.

The lingering effects of COVID-19, cost-of-living crises, trade tensions, uncertain monetary policy paths, rising debts in developing countries, and the war in Ukraine can each significantly set back global economic growth. Combined, these crises are placing the global economy under a serious threat. Global real GDP per capita is forecast to slow down in 2023, putting at risk not just employment and income but also advances in equitable pay for women and decent work for young people.

Achieving SDG8 will require a wholesale reform of our morally bankrupt financial system in order to tackle rising debts, economic uncertainties and trade tensions, while promoting equitable pay and decent work for young people.

Our Work in This Area

Real Living Wage

To be a truly responsible organisation, support must first be focused within. We’re committed to going further than minimum government requirements, and we believe our staff deserve a wage that they can truly live on – one which meets the costs of everyday living and more. We’re proud to be Real Living Wage Accredited.

Supporting Apprentices

We recognise that by recruiting and supporting apprentices we not only transfer key knowledge and skills to the next generation, we also have the opportunity to build a strong Agilico team fit for the future. We’re actively searching for apprentices to join our teams – from support, technology, IT, engineers and more – to further our business objectives as well as help develop their personal growth.

More To Come

Our internal SDG hub is currently receiving ideas from colleagues across our business on the next steps we can take to achieve this goal.

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