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Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Access to electricity and clean cooking fuels has improved in many parts of the world, but 675 million people are yet to be connected to the grids and 2.3 billion are still cooking with unsafe and polluting fuels.

The war in Ukraine and global economic uncertainty continue to cause significant volatility in energy prices, leading some countries to raise investments in renewables and others to increase reliance on coal, putting the green transition at risk.

If the current pace continues, about 660 million people will still lack access to electricity and close to 2 billion people will continue to rely on polluting fuels and technologies for cooking by 2030. To ensure access to energy for all by 2030, we must accelerate electrification, increase investments in renewable energy sources and invest in improving electricity grids.

Our Work in This Area

Renewable Energy

With multiple office and warehouse locations across the UK, our goal is to power key sites with renewable energy as far as possible. Our programme started with solar panels being fitted at our headquarters in Southampton in 2021, with additional installs on our buildings across the country in progress.

Hybrid Vehicles

We’re committed to building a company vehicle fleet which is sustainable. Our aim to have 50% of our company car fleet hybrid by 2022 was successfully reached in 2021. We aim to have this at 80% by 2024. When possible and as vehicle technology progresses, we will also look to roll out engineer vans and lorries under this umbrella.

Electric Vehicles

We’re also expanding our portfolio to include electric vehicle options. Our goal is for at least 20% of our company car vehicle fleet to be electric by 2024. Alongside this, we will introduce electric car charging points at our UK sites, with this goal under continuous review and development.

More To Come

Our internal SDG hub is currently receiving ideas from colleagues across our business on the next steps we can take to achieve this goal.

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