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Take control of your printing with powerful print management software

With the right software, you can get proactive and optimise your print costs, processes and policies.

Your MFDs are just one part of an optimised print capability. If you’re not exploiting the power of print management software, you’re missing out on opportunities to maximise effectiveness and get more from your investment. We can provide a print management system that will enable you to: control costs, define workflows, enforce policy, manage consumables and much more.

We’ll help you take the efficiency and effectiveness of your print infrastructure to the next level.

What Print Management Software Can Do

If not properly monitored, the document output of individual team members and departments can rapidly get out of hand, dramatically increasing your printing costs.

In addition, devices without appropriate safeguards in place can also leave your documents and data open to misuse and/or security breaches.

Specialist print management technology can take the guess work out of managing your print infrastructure, as well as provide complete control over your print volumes, security and expenses.

A few of the powerful features associated with this software are:

Rule based routing

Set up specific rules for different documents, which automatically route documents to the most appropriate device. High resolution proposals to the colour booklet printing machine; internal paperwork to the Black and white machine; and so on.

Breakdown on usage

Keep tabs on exactly how each individual uses your MFDs - how many colour prints they send; which device they use the most; what kind of documents they scan; and more.

Document control

Control which type of documents a user or department can process, meaning confidential items never fall into the wrong hands.

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