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PaperCut Print Management Software

Agilico - Authorised Reseller

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is a cross-vendor print management solution that helps organisations improve printing efficiencies as well as document and information security. It works across numerous operating systems, mobile & desktop devices, and MFDs, and is suitable for organisations of all sizes, from SMEs to enterprise level. PaperCut can be set up on-premise on your own servers, or in the cloud.

Printing Made Easy & Less Wasteful

  • Find-Me printing
    Release print jobs at any device on a network, via a print queue.
  • Mobile, BYOD and Cross-platform printing
    One print solution for any device and operating system, including visitors, with a standard, easy to understand interface.
  • Simple print charging and cost allocation
    Allocate print costs and quotas to departments or individuals, and limit usage if necessary.
  • Encourage responsible printing
    Add duplex, mono, device routing and pop up messages to make printing practices more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Printing Made Secure

  • Protect your data with secure Find-Me printing capabilities
    Make sure that only the user that sent a job to the printer is the one that can pick it up from the device, with secure print release via Find-Me printing. User authentication releases documents from a printer, through pin codes or key cards.
  • Built-In security software
    Embedded security features including authentication, usage tracking, print queues and loadable apps ensure devices remain secure.
  • Printing, scanning and copying reporting
    Management portal provides full visibility of device usage and document flows, into, on and from the device.
  • Full control over device usage
    Set up rules for individuals or departments, and restrict access to certain features or machines if required.

Scanning Made Simple

  • Consistent interface, which is also customisable
    A single interface across all devices and operating systems, with customisable admin and workflow options to suit job roles, makes scanning activities a breeze.
  • OCR capabilities
    Scan a paper file and immediately convert information to a digital format, for onward processing.
  • Scan straight to a folder or cloud system
    Automated routing workflows allow scanning documents to be sent to pre-specified destinations, including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and many more.


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