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Laserfiche is a powerful platform for enterprise content management and process automation

Discover the streamlined solution for enterprise content management with Laserfiche. From secure document storage to efficient access and collaboration, Laserfiche offers a comprehensive platform to meet your organisation’s needs. Find out how Laserfiche can transform your content management processes for improved efficiency and productivity.

What is Laserfiche ECM?

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management software provides a smarter way to automate your business processes, simplify enterprise content management, and improve visibility across departments.

With Laserfiche, organisations can securely store and share all their documents and data in one central, cloud-based document management system. This ensures compliance and makes collaboration easier, as teams can quickly access the information they need.

The software integrates seamlessly with existing Microsoft and business applications, becoming an essential part of daily operations.

Laserfiche excels at managing large document volumes, reducing paper usage, and simplifying manual processes. Users can easily import documents from Microsoft Office and scan emails and paper documents for a smoother workflow.

The Value of Automating Business Processes

With capabilities ranging from records management to document routing, electronic forms and digital signatures, Laserfiche provides many opportunities for automation, optimisation and transformation. Much more than a simple tool for scanning and document storage, it is a powerful solution that enables the entire enterprise.

Laserfiche’s user-friendly business process automation software enables anyone on your team to build easy-to-design automated workflows – no coding skills required.

Deploying Laserfiche allows your organisation to create process frameworks that can be leveraged by multiple departments. Just a few of the processes that can be transformed through automation include:

  • Vendor and contact management

  • Correspondence management

  • Records management

  • Case management

  • Human Resources onboarding

  • Travel and expense management

Get More Done

All organisations are looking to streamline their operations and reduce costs. With Laserfiche you can gain control over your documents and data, ensuring instant access whenever needed. By automating key processes such as data entry or document routing, Laserfiche simplifies repetitive tasks, freeing up time for you to focus on what truly matters.

Make Compliance Easier

In today’s business landscape, meeting industry regulations is essential. Laserfiche makes compliance easier by simplifying document organisation, ensuring quick access to information, and setting up clear retention policies. With Laserfiche, you’ll have control and visibility over your documents, data, and processes. Plus, Laserfiche’s records management tools are certified to keep you compliant with standards like SOC 2 Type Plus, HIPAA, and more.

Store Information Securely

Keeping your data safe from any potential internal or external threats is crucial for organisations. Laserfiche Cloud goes the extra mile by implementing strong encryption methods for data in transit and at rest, guaranteeing its protection. And permission-based access controls ensure that users can only access or edit information they’re authorised to, providing enhanced data security across the board.

Benefits of Laserfiche

Search and Retrieve

Instantly find information within documents, folders and data using Laserfiche search tools via mobile app, web interface and desktop client.


Flexible integration tools help you save time and resources by combining the information and functionality from business applications.

Workflow and Automation

Automate processing from the moment of capture all the way through to archival with powerful process automation.

Intelligent Data Capture and Imaging

Capture content from scanners, email, web forms, mobile devices and desktop applications. Laserfiche uses AI-powered intelligent character recognition to automatically extract structured and unstructured data to drive automation of your business processes.

Document and Records Management

Centralise content, improve collaboration and maintain security with Laserfiche’s Document Management System. Ensure compliance with SOC 2 Type Plus, HIPAA, DoD 5015.2, VPATs, ISO/IEC 27001:2022, SEC Rule 17a-4, HECVAT and VERS-certified records management.


Enable employees, customers, contractors and third parties to use digital documents quickly with repositories that provide filtered, personalised views of files.

Analytics and Insights

Leverage data buried in your processes with Laserfiche. Utilising Laserfiche to gather and analyse key business data at every stage, empowers you to make informed and impactful decisions that drive growth.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

This digital transformation roadmap guides organisations on their journey to becoming a digital workplace. It provides a structured framework for content digitisation, process automation, analytics and more.

Integration Software

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

An iPaaS supports business growth by integrating a wide variety of cloud and on-premise applications making it easier to move and synchronise data between apps, improve operational workflows, and gain better visibility.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Unlock value from legacy systems with RPA tools. Connect third-party apps, websites or custom-built platforms that don’t have APIs to your modern apps.

Custom Built Integrations

Leverage custom-built solutions to fit your business requirements, designed to streamline operations and meet industry-specific needs.

Laserfiche API

Build custom integrations and use Laserfiche’s set of web APIs to enable the platform to work seamlessly with your technology stack. Keep enterprise apps synced with Laserfiche content to ensure your important data is accurate and up to date across platforms.

Native App Connections

Make development easier with Laserfiche’s built-in connections to popular apps like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Microsoft 365, and industry-leading CRM systems.

Multi-function Devices (MFD)

Simplify the process of digitising documents by connecting Laserfiche with popular multi-function devices from Ricoh, Sharp, Canon and more.

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