About Sky

Sky is a leading broadcaster and telecommunications company based in the UK and Ireland, with approximately 25,000 employees and over 10 million customers.

Customer Profile

  • Broadcaster and Telecommunications
  • A subsidiary of Sky Group and part of the Comcast Corporation
  • 25,000 staff
  • UK and Ireland
  • Over 10 million customers


Sky was taking back in-house some HR administration work that was previously delivered by a third party.

To do this, they had to look at their processes in order to make the most of their resources and ability to deliver the service.

Solution Benefits

  • Automated and streamlined Employee File processes
  • Increased efficiency

The return that we get from Laserfiche is that we are to deliver our processes more quickly than we could before.
That’s in relation to things such as subject access requests, through new processes such as bar coding, and in naming convention of files.

There’s less human intervention in our processes so the HR admin teams are able to file more and do it quickly, which is better than what we could do before."

Head of HR Administration, Sky

The Solution

Sky was already using Laserfiche but knew that there was much more they could do and decided to upgrade to Laserfiche Rio. We worked closely with them to understand their requirements and migrated their existing documents. We ensured that they were correctly classified while implementing automated naming and filing routines for all new documents.

New processes were introduced, including a Data Subject Access Request, and an integration with their HR system drives Records Management – ensuring that documents which should be removed from the system are flagged for deletion.

Given Sky’s expansive and diverse organisational structure, Laserfiche plays a vital role in ensuring documents are stored in a secure, organised, easy to access repository. This implementation has significantly reduced manual intervention, enabling HR admin teams to file documents more quickly than before.

Sky is a forward thinking organisation, and the HR Admin team are always keen to exploring what further enhancements might be available in the future. By making the most of the expertise on offer from Agilico, they now have robust processes in place.