Customer Profile

  • Independent day and boarding school
  • Based near Romsey, Hampshire
  • Nearly 200 staff
  • Over 700 pupils aged 2 to 18

About Embley School

Embley is an independent day and boarding school for over 700 girls and boys aged 2 to 18, located on the edge of the New Forest near Romsey in Hampshire.  The school has close to 200 staff who are academically ambitious for the children and motivate them to achieve their personal best. They encourage an appropriate belief in oneself while being mindful that happiness in life is through enriching the lives of others.

As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce its ecological footprint, Embley embarked on a journey to implement sustainable printing practices across its campus.  They were looking to have an improved efficiency across the business and reduce paper use in school to lower their carbon footprint.

Solution Benefits

  • Agilico Zero Refurbished Devices
  • Avoided over 12,000 kg of CO2 emissions (CO2e)
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced paper usage
  • Minimise energy consumption associated with printing


Embley faced several challenges with their existing solution.  The school had a wide range of printer models that were spread across site, with had a variety of management contracts which were not aligned.

The automatic toner ordering was not working, resulting in a poor experience for their users and frustration in the IT department.  A mix of black and white and colour multi-functional devices (MFDs) added further waste and complications for IT and users.

As their print contract was approaching its renewal, Embley invited Agilico to join a competitive tender for their entire managed print solution.

The school conducted a comprehensive assessment of its existing printing infrastructure, including the types of devices in use, print volumes, and associated costs. Based on this assessment, a plan was devised to transition towards more sustainable alternatives.

Our proposal to Embley included high quality, Agilico Zero refurbished devices that were not only cost-effective but also aligned with the school’s sustainability goals.  Our comprehensive print management service ensures that their toner problems will be a thing of the past.

The primary benefits outlined in our sustainable printing solution for Embley School were as follows:

  • Reduce paper consumption and waste generation.
  • Minimise energy consumption associated with printing.
  • Decrease reliance on non-renewable printing materials, such as ink cartridges.
  • Educate students, faculty, and staff about the importance of sustainable printing practices.
  • Improve the current set up without an uplift in costs and achieve cost savings in the long run.

The experience I received was exceptional from start to finish, making the decision to choose Agilico as a service provider for Embley an easy one.

Head of I.T., Embley School

How we helped

Embley partnered with Agilico to procure a balanced mix of new and high-quality refurbished devices that align with the school’s sustainability goals while remaining cost-effective. These MFDs, equipped with energy-saving features and print management software, are designed to minimise wastage.

Opting for refurbished devices significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to purchasing new ones. This choice mitigates the carbon footprint associated with the energy-intensive processes of manufacturing and distributing brand-new devices, promoting a more sustainable approach to technology use.

We supplied the Agilico Zero refurbished Canon MFDs from our industry-leading workshops, these ‘as new’ devices are all backed by a robust warranty from Agilico. This warranty ensures there is no risk in opting for refurbished solutions, providing peace of mind and reliable performance.

One significant advantage was consolidating all printers across the school under a single managed print contract, which reduced the need for extensive toner stock. The automated fleet management system, a standout feature, provides a comprehensive admin portal with a single-pane view of device status, support tickets, and toner levels, proving to be an invaluable tool.

The Canon MFDs require minimal maintenance and remain highly reliable even under heavy usage. The finisher units are constantly utilised, and the eco staple option has been a pleasant surprise for Embley’s staff.

Agilico delivered a smooth installation process, completing the setup and configuration of the entire fleet within two days. Smaller printers were integrated into PaperCut to further manage and secure on-site printing. This integration has significantly reduced support ticket numbers and the time previously spent on phone calls for toner orders, streamlining the entire process.

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation are key to the success of this print management service. The school tracks metrics such as paper consumption, energy usage, and cost savings to assess the effectiveness of these sustainable printing practices and identify areas for improvement.

Agilico were professional, friendly and accessible throughout the entire managed print solution tender process. They are a fantastic company to work with. I would have no hesitations in recommending them to manage your printer fleet.

A lot of suppliers claim automatic toner ordering but very few deliver on this promise. If you are looking for a professional and friendly team, reduce your printing costs, lower printer related support tickets, and have a smooth-running fleet of refurbished devices, then look no further.

Head of I.T., Embley School


Agilico’s sustainable printing solution at Embley has yielded significant positive outcomes, for both the customer and the environment.

The school has witnessed a notable decrease in paper consumption thanks to the adoption of duplex printing and digital submission practices.  The proactive  fleet management software has improved Agilico’s ability to proactively manage Embley’s supplies and servicing.

The energy-efficient Agilico Zero devices consume less power compared to their predecessors, resulting in reduced energy usage and lower utility bills.

The school is also realising cost savings through reduced paper and toner expenses, alongside considerably reduced IT time managing the service.

By embracing eco-friendly printing practices and integrating refurbished printers from Agilico, Embley not only reduced its ecological footprint but also demonstrated its commitment to preparing students for a more sustainable future.

Through careful planning, investment, and community engagement, Embley has successfully transformed its printing operations into a model of sustainability for other institutions to emulate.