About Scottish Chamber Orchestra

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO) is one of Scotland’s five National Performing Companies and has been a galvanising force in Scotland’s music scene since its inception in 1974. Their 23-week concert season provides a wide-ranging programme of music including mainstream classical music, new commissions, and cross-art form collaborations. They also have a popular summer touring programme, international dates, and a digital season of concerts.

Additionally, the SCO offer diverse and engaging concerts developed for children, families, schools and young people. Their creative learning programme reaches over 10,000 people annually across Scotland, giving people of all ages and backgrounds access to live music-making.

Customer Profile

  • One of Scotland’s five National Performing Companies
  • Based in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Registered charity
  • Creative learning programme reaches over 10,000 people annually across Scotland

Solution Benefits

  • Agilico Zero Refurbished Devices
  • Avoided over 1,500 kg of CO2 emissions (CO2e)
  • 52% reduction in typical energy consumption
  • Aligns with the SCO’s sustainability goals
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Substantial cost savings


As a charity, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra want to ensure that as much of their funding as possible reaches core programming, delivering concerts and creative learning projects to their beneficiaries and audiences. By receiving gift-in-kind provision of MFDs and equipment aftercare from Agilico, this partnership has a tangible and direct impact on their running costs, allowing funds to be diverted to where the charity needs it most.

The SCO relies on a range of print functions for various purposes, including administrative tasks, sheet music distribution, and the creation of marketing materials. These functions are critical to the daily operations of the Orchestra.

This partnership has had innumerable benefits to the SCO, from substantial cost savings, improvements in efficiency, sustainability measures and greater productivity. One particular benefit is the excellent aftercare support in servicing the equipment that Agilico offer, ensuring that the products have longevity and sustained use by our organisation.

Development Manager, Scottish Chamber Orchestra

How we helped

As a continuation of our company’s gift in kind commitment we undertook a thorough print and document assessment to understand how the SCO were using their current devices to identify hardware and software which was more suited to the SCO’s current and future requirement.  At a meeting in our Edinburgh office, we together explored possible MFD solutions, tailored to the SCO’s specific needs. 

Agilico proposed three Agilico Zero MFDs to replace five of the older MFD’s and printers, enhancing both efficiency and productivity.  

The advanced technology included with these devices will save valuable working hours, making daily operations more streamlined. Additionally, the Agilico Zero devices align with the SCO’s sustainability goals that will reduce the Orchestra’s environmental footprint. 

With these Agilico Zero MFDs, the SCO can now produce promotional materials, concert programmes, and administrative documents more easily and efficiently, ensuring that their performances and events are carried out seamlessly.  

The provision of these Agilico Zero MFDs will have a lasting impact, enabling the SCO to continue delivering musical joy to audiences for years to come.

Agilico are proud of this partnership with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and our part in supporting the cultural landscape of our communities throughout the country.