Solution Benefits

  • Agilico Zero Refurbished Devices
  • Avoided over 5,300 kg of CO2 emissions (CO2e)
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved compliance
  • Reduced unnecessary print waste
  • Significant cost savings

Customer Profile

  • Provide comprehensive legal services to home-moving brands
  • Work with businesses across the UK
  • Process over 300,000 conveyancing transactions and 125,000 remortgage transactions annually

About Movera

Movera is a thriving legal business that unites ambitious home-moving brands from across the sector. Its portfolio includes notable names such as ONP Solicitors, Cavendish Legal Group (CLG), Grindeys Conveyancing, LMS, and Conveyancing Alliance (CAL). Each brand operates independently yet benefits from the shared resources and support provided by Movera’s platform.

The brands under Movera offer a Significantly al services, setting high standards in panel management, conveyancing, and technology.  With businesses strategically located across the UK, the company processes over 300,000 conveyancing transactions and 125,000 remortgage transactions annually.


Movera faced several challenges related to their printing and document management systems.

The fragmented systems included multiple makes and models of devices with different designs and print drivers.  Inefficient workflows were caused by inconsistent user interfaces and a lack of standardised processes.  Resource waste was evident through excessive paper usage and high costs associated with unmanaged print environments.  There was also a critical need for full audit trails to support compliance and risk management.

In addition, as part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility, Movera are continually exploring ways to reduce their environmental footprint, including their paper usage and printing practices.

Embracing sustainable print practices with Agilico Zero MFDs and PaperCut print management solutions has been a game-changer for Movera. We've significantly reduced our environmental impact while realising substantial cost savings and efficiency improvements.

We're delighted with the positive outcomes of this partnership and the seamless integration into our workflow.

CTO, Movera

How We Helped

To address these challenges, Agilico implemented a sustainable printing solution focusing on rationalisation, efficiency, and digital transformation.

We consolidated the printing platform to a single design and single print driver, introducing a consistent and intuitive user interface across all devices. This standardisation made it easier for users to operate the Multifunctional Devices (MFDs) efficiently, regardless of their location or the specific model they were using. Additionally, we established a new quality standard for enhanced scanning with a heavy-duty feeder, ensuring consistent high-quality capture of hard copy matter and client correspondence.

To enhance sustainability, we proposed replacing Movera’s existing printer fleet with Agilico Zero refurbished MFDs. As part of Agilico’s circular first approach, these high-end Konica Minolta bizhub devices significantly reduce electronic waste and the environmental impact of manufacturing new devices. They provide the same high performance and reliability as new devices but with a much smaller carbon footprint, aligning with Movera’s ESG targets.

Efficiency and waste reduction were further addressed by implementing PaperCut for informed cost and paper reduction through detailed reporting. This system enabled users to minimise time spent at devices with a consistent PaperCut sign-on integrated into subsequent workflows.

To enhance Movera’s agility Agilico also enabled a digital switch away from paper files with collaborative and delegate tools to support anyplace, anytime work for lawyers, creating a future-flexible platform for enhanced capture. This platform enables seamless integration from central mailroom services to local capture on their MFDs.

End-to-end management and support were provided by a single team responsible for the entire document service and solution. Regular reviews and reporting are conducted to optimise fleet service, platform, and document workflow efficiency.


By embracing sustainable print practices, Movera not only reduced its environmental impact but also realised tangible benefits in cost savings and efficiency improvements. The adoption of Agilico Zero MFDs and PaperCut print management solutions have enhanced processes, mitigated risk and taken out unnecessary printing for a positive contribution to the bottom line and ESG targets, with the replacement devices saving over 5.3 tonnes of CO2.

  • Cost Savings: Significant reduction in unnecessary print and associated costs.
  • Improved Compliance: Full audit trails for all touchpoints supporting compliance and risk management.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Agile document workflow and PaperCut minimised time at device.
  • Environmental Impact: Positive contribution to Movera’s ESG targets through the elimination of unnecessary print and the implementation of Agilico Zero refurbished MFDs.
  • User Satisfaction: Simplified and intuitive user experience with improved workflow consistency.


Movera’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency has been significantly enhanced through the implementation of a standardised and intelligent document solution from Agilico.

By consolidating their systems, improving workflows, reducing waste, and embracing digital transformation with Agilico Zero refurbished devices, Movera not only achieved cost savings and compliance but also made a positive impact on their environmental and social governance goals.

The integrated approach and continuous improvement ethos ensure that Movera remains at the forefront of the legal services industry, delivering exceptional value to their clients and stakeholders.