Solution Benefits

  • Agilico Connect Hosted VoIP system
  • Customised solution
  • Improved communication
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce telephony costs
  • Future proof system
  • NHS BfP framework approved

Customer Profile

  • A busy GP Practice
  • Based in Croydon
  • Team of over 30 healthcare professionals

About Stovell House Surgery

Stovell House Surgery, a busy GP Practice serving a diverse patient population in Croydon, was seeking to enhance their communication system.

With a team of over 30 healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and administrative staff, the practice recognised the need for a more efficient and flexible telephony solution.

The existing traditional landline system posed challenges such as missed calls, delayed responses, and limited scalability. To address these issues, Stovell House Surgery decided to switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony as part of their long term partnership with Agilico, and NHS England ( NHSE ) accredited framework partner.


The existing telephone system at Stovell House Surgery was outdated, costly to maintain, and lacked the advanced features required to support the practice’s growing needs. Communication bottlenecks were common, leading to frustration among staff and patients alike. With the Big Switch Off rapidly approaching it was time to make a change to the practice’s telephony.

Additionally, the practice needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate with its existing infrastructure and software applications while providing cost-effective scalability and supported by the NHS Telephony Better Purchasing framework.

As an established family practice Stovell House Surgery places a strong emphasis on being available through all contact channels – in person, email and especially through an efficient and friendly telephone option.

Having been with Agilico for many years they have grown with us as the demand on General Practice has increased with new technology and innovations allowing us to meet patient expectations and to work within NHSE’s remit.

Practice Manager, Stovell House Surgery

The Solution


Agilico worked closely with the practice’s team to design and implement a customised VoIP telephony solution tailored to their specific requirements. Leveraging Agilico’s expertise in business hosted VoIP, the solution offered a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance communication efficiency and streamline patient care. Key features included:

  • Cost-Effective Scalability: The Agilico Connect hosted VoIP solution provided Stovell House Surgery with a scalable and cost-effective telephony platform that can easily accommodate future growth if required, without the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.
  • Call queuing: Patients have the option to receive an automatic call back when they reach the front of the queue, significantly improving the patient experience.
  • Call visibility: The practice now has a Call Board which provides full visibility over how many calls are waiting and enables them to flexibility stay on top of demand.
  • Reliability and Support: Our dedicated support team ensured a smooth transition to the new VoIP system, providing comprehensive training and ongoing technical assistance to address any issues or concerns.

The implementation of Agilico Connect at Stovell House Surgery involved a structured approach designed to minimise disruption to patient care. The implementation process included:

  • Needs Assessment: Agilico conducted a thorough assessment of the practice’s communication requirements, taking into account factors such as call volume, existing infrastructure, and desired features.
  • Customised Solution Design: Based on the needs assessment, we designed a customised VoIP telephony solution tailored to Stovell House Surgery’s specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and workflows.
  • Installation and Configuration: Our team of experienced technicians installed and configured the VoIP system, ensuring that it was optimised for performance and reliability.
  • Staff Training: Agilico provided comprehensive training to the practice’s staff, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilise the new VoIP system and its features.


The implementation of Agilico’s Connect hosted VoIP solution has brought about significant improvements in communication efficiency and productivity at Stovell House Surgery.

Agilico Connect has enabled seamless communication among staff members, reducing communication bottlenecks and improving overall responsiveness to patient inquiries and needs.  There is also the peace of mind for Stovell House Surgery knowing that with a future proofed solution they are provided with the latest features as and when they’re released and that if the practice staffing grows Connect can grow with them.

Our dedicated support team provides ongoing technical assistance and support, ensuring that their communication system remains reliable and efficient.

By choosing Agilico Connect, Stovell House Surgery was able to reduce telephony costs significantly while gaining access to a comprehensive set of advanced features, with the compliance and piece of mind by choosing an NHS framework supplier partner.

By partnering with Agilico and embracing hosted VOIP telephony, the surgery was able to transform their communication infrastructure, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and patient care.

The seamless transition to Agilico Connect, coupled with ongoing support and expertise, enabled Stovell House Surgery to focus on its core mission of delivering high-quality healthcare services while staying connected and responsive to patient needs.