Customer Profile

  • Housing association
  • Based in the North East of England

Solution Benefits

  • Sustainable print infrastructure
  • Avoidance of 2.4 tonnes CO2e
  • 50% energy savings
  • Print fleet rationalisation
  • Smart print management system
  • Significant cost savings

About Believe Housing

Believe housing, one of the largest housing associations in the North East of England, has been a valued customer of Agilico for almost a decade. With a vast service area covering 862 square miles – from rural expanses to the bustling city of Durham and its magnificent coastline – believe housing is dedicated to providing local housing services tailored to local needs and its vision of delivering “life without barriers” for its customers, communities, and colleagues.

Much of the housing association’s spending goes on maintaining and updating homes and a significant aspect of this work is making homes more energy efficient, which has been aided by millions of pounds from the Government’s Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.

More than 2000 of believe housing customers are now feeling the benefit of the work this fund supports to make their homes more energy efficient.

The ongoing scheme focuses on homes with an Energy Performance Certificate rating below C which most benefit from measures such as loft and cavity wall insulation, ventilation, heating controls, and energy efficient lighting. Some homes also receive external wall insulation, floor insulation, and solar panels to generate clean electricity.


When believe housing first partnered with Agilico in 2015, they faced significant challenges with their previous supplier. The service was managed via an offshore help desk, leading to inefficiencies and dissatisfaction. Additionally, they were constrained by budget limitations, making it difficult to manage their printing needs effectively.

Agilico won the initial contract by providing the housing association with eight new Toshiba devices and implementing a PaperCut print management solution. This not only improved service quality but also helped control costs.

As hybrid working became more prevalent in recent years, and with the efficiency brought by PaperCut, believe housing reduced their printing volumes dramatically.

As the contract came up for renewal believe housing challenged Agilico to provide a solution with financial as well as environmental benefits, so the housing association would be able to free up more budget for their core activities.

This partnership has had innumerable benefits to believe housing, from cost savings, improvements in efficiency, sustainability measures and greater productivity.

believe housing

How we helped

When discussing their contract extension, believe housing, as an organisation keen on sustainable procurement, was delighted to discover Agilico’s option for refurbished printers – Agilico Zero. With a continued reduction in print volumes, the number of devices required also decreased, meaning an even larger positive environmental impact. The original eight Toshiba devices were replaced with four Agilico Zero machines.

The shift to Agilico Zero offered believe housing significant cost savings. Refurbished printers are substantially less expensive than new ones, and with the number of devices required decreased, the housing association benefited from lower operational and maintenance costs. This financial efficiency enabled believe housing to manage its budget more effectively while maintaining high-quality service.

Choosing Agilico Zero also had a positive environmental impact. By opting for these devices, believe housing contributed to reducing the demand for new manufacturing, conserving raw materials, and minimising waste. The refurbishment process is considerably less energy-intensive than producing new devices, resulting in a lower overall carbon footprint. Furthermore, Agilico Zero printers undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure they perform on par with new devices, offering reliability and efficiency. Agilico provides comprehensive warranties and local support, ensuring peace of mind and dependable service.

The decision to choose Agilico Zero printers aligned with believe housing’s environmental goals, enhancing their reputation as a socially responsible organisation. This choice supported their compliance with sustainable procurement policies.

One particular benefit is the excellent aftercare support in servicing the equipment that Agilico offer, ensuring that the products have longevity and sustained use by our organisation.

believe housing


Believe housing’s ongoing partnership with Agilico highlights the multifaceted benefits of sustainable and efficient printing solutions. By focusing on reducing print volumes and opting for Agilico Zero devices, believe housing has effectively addressed budgetary constraints while advancing its sustainability goals.

Agilico’s tailored service and innovative solutions have played a crucial role in supporting believe housing’s mission to provide exceptional housing services and build better communities.


By implementing Agilico Zero refurbished Konica Minolta devices, believe housing avoided 2,400 kg of CO2 emissions, (2.4 tonnes).

That’s the same positive impact as planting 119 trees.

By rationalising their print fleet, they also benefited from reducing energy consumption and costs by 50%.