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At Capital, we are passionately committed to reducing our environmental impact and contributing to the Circular Economy.

We were therefore delighted to welcome Iain Gulland, Colin Kennedy, and Warren McIntyre from Zero Waste Scotland to our Edinburgh HQ recently to take them behind the scenes of our recycling initiatives.

Our commitment to the Circular Economy

We have well-established internal processes that focus on the recycling and re-use of print parts and consumables. It is both our current and long-term strategies to reduce the consumption of new materials in our supply and service operations.

Speaking of the visit, Iain Gulland –  Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at Zero Waste Scotland said:

“An inspiring visit to Capital Document Solutions in Edinburgh to see their reuse and refurbishment initiative for print devices. A great example of how extending the life of machines through the reusing of component parts is good for the environment and good for business. The proactive and innovative approach Capital have to recycling is a great example of supporting a circular economy”

Lazlo, our Recycling Engineer in Inverness.

An insight into our Recycling Initiatives

During the visit, our Recycling Centre Manager – Stuart Buchan, gave Iain, Colin, and Warren a tour of our purpose-built Edinburgh Recycling Centre. Over the last year alone, Stuart and his team have prevented 1989 toner bottles and 5331 component parts from reaching landfills by reusing them for their original purposes. We also have a Recycling Centre in our Inverness office – Highland Office Equipment.

Stuart Buchan showing Zero Waste Scotland around our Edinburgh Recycling Center

Stuart Buchan showing Zero Waste Scotland around our Edinburgh Recycling Centre.

Our growing range of Approved Used print devices

Scott Little, our Workshop Manager then showed them around our Edinburgh workshop. It’s here that Scott and his team build printer configurations for our clients and also remanufacture our Approved Used devices. These selected devices, originate from our own customer base and are thoroughly checked and refurbished in-house, minimising waste and maximising the use and lifecycle of high-quality equipment. All of our Approved Used devices are Energy Star compliant and supplied with our unique Lifetime Guarantee.

Scott Little taking Zero Waste Scotland behind the scenes in our workshop

In January we hired 4 new Apprentice Workshop Engineers who are completely dedicated to recycling, re-use, and refurbishment of multi-functional devices for our Approved Used range.

Our 4 new Apprentice Workshop Engineers beside one of our multi-functional print devices

We were delighted to welcome 4 new Apprentice Workshop Engineers to our team in January

Thank you to Iain, Colin, and Warren for visiting us.