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Though McKinsey reported in 2016 that the construction industry was among the least digitized of all sectors, Northamptonshire-based Invu can point to a number of construction industry customers who have embraced “going digital”.  A case study on our website about Persimmon Homes illustrates this.

The cost of office space is one business driver. Faced with the prospect of moving to larger offices, or using off-site space, to store an ever-increasing volume of paper documents, these businesses have chosen to switch to electronic document storage to save cost.

Unlike paper documents that are often stored in multiple areas, electronic documents are managed from one central repository; an electronic document management system (“EDM”).

The construction industry uses many different types of documents. These can all be stored, and access to them controlled, through an EDM. The risk of documents going missing, or being lost in a critical incident like a fire, is significantly reduced.

Access to these documents becomes easier for those with the rights to see them. This results in improved business efficiency. Furthermore, greater visibility of information leads to enhanced customer service.

In this information age, going digital is about much more than the direct cost savings in rent, printing and the staff time saved searching for documents. Yet as our construction industry customers have found, implementing an EDM is not a bad place to start.

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This article was originally posted in the Northants Chamber.