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Join us on 18th October to discover how you can keep your teams sustainable, connected and productive.

Like most of the organisations we work with, you’ve probably seen significant and sustained change in how and where your teams work. For many of our customers, this has uncovered real constraints in working practices and workplace infrastructure.

As you navigate this working landscape, join us at our new Gateshead offices on 18th October 2023 for our Innovation Open Day to discover how Agilico can support you in remaining robust, resilient and ready for anything.

Hear from our specialists and explore technologies such as Accounts Payable Automation, Hosted VoIP Telephony, and sustainable printing solutions such as our Agilico Zero refurbished devices, that can make a genuine difference in creating a flexible and effective working environment for your people.

By prioritising sustainability and actively contributing to the fight against climate change, we want to set a benchmark for a more resilient and eco-conscious future. As businesses face the challenges of an evolving climate, our proactive stance highlights the potential for growth, efficiency, and positive environmental impact in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

We are unapologetically proud of our approach and innovation in sustainability and people, and invite you to our new facility in the North East to see it in action for yourself.

Register for our innovation open day on 18th October 2023

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