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Agilico Invests in a New Energy-Efficient Office, Fostering Growth and Collaboration in the Region

In a significant move that highlights our commitment to sustainability and regional growth, we’re delighted to announce the opening of our new, purpose-built office facility in Team Valley, Gateshead.

This investment marks a milestone for Agilico, as we consolidate two separate offices into one modern, energy-efficient building. The move is set to improve operational efficiency, enhance collaboration and create opportunities for local job growth.

The decision to bring together two separate offices into one purpose-built facility stems from Agilico’s vision to streamline operations and reduce environmental impact. The new building is designed to be more energy-efficient, economically viable and environmentally responsible, with optimised heating, ventilation and lighting systems.

So not only is it a more energy-efficient, economical, brighter building for us, but it combines two sites. So, there's one set of lights on as opposed to two sets across two buildings running. We consolidate operations and develop working synergies, as well as fostering that all important sense of collaboration. Many of our people are returning to the office environment post Covid and want to physically be able to collaborate with colleagues.

Warren ColbyRegional Managing Director

The 20,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art workspace has been custom designed to maximise efficiency, offering a more pleasant and productive environment for our employees. We have invested in the latest technology to measure and monitor energy usage, aligning with our commitment to ISO 14001 standards and our journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Furthermore, the expansion of the refurbished centre at the Team Valley site is expected to have a positive impact on the region’s economy. With increased capacity and capabilities, the facility will become a hub for refurbishing IT devices, catering to customers not only in the local area but also extending to neighbouring regions across the north of England. What this means though is that there will be far less need to deliver devices and printers long distances – costing time and money and also having a negative environmental impact.

The move to the new office will facilitate better collaboration and communication among different teams, as staff from various departments will be brought together under one roof. The office space will accommodate around 70 employees initially, with a mix of finance, sales, IT and telecoms support, engineering, human resources, account management and business development teams.

The new office provides a more collaborative and cleaner space for those who didn't have enough room before. It's a step towards fostering a more united, efficient and cohesive workforce.

Warren ColbyRegional Managing Director

Our investment in the region is not just about infrastructure; it also signals our dedication to creating job opportunities and contributing to the local community’s growth. We are actively seeking talent to fill roles in business development, finance, account management and support engineering.

"We're looking for individuals who share our passion for technology and sustainability. "This move opens up exciting possibilities for career growth and development in the North East.

Warren ColbyRegional Managing Director

I’m delighted to hear of Agilico’s continued commitment to creating more sustainable offices - an example of how local businesses can play their part in supporting Gateshead Council’s activities to be carbon neutral by 2030. I welcome the news that the new office will increase job opportunities for our local residents; we know in businesses that office environments are key to attracting today’s workforce. This certainly has been considered in their development of the new office space.

Cllr Malcom BrainCabinet Member for Economy, Gateshead Council

The move to the new office is from August 14th, and we’re optimistic about the positive impact it will have on our operations, employees and the community.

As we continue our journey towards a more sustainable future, Agilico’s investment in the region serves as a beacon for other businesses, highlighting the potential for growth, efficiency and positive environmental change in the North East of England.