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The ability to get the right information in front of the right people at the right time is key to business success in this information age.

This capability has been put through an extreme test with the lockdown imposed by the Government as part of its reaction to Covid-19.

Were you able to work from home? If yes, technology probably played a significant part in you being able to do this.

If the information you use to run your business is primarily located on paper documents, when working from home you, no doubt, had logistical challenges accessing this information. Documents stored on paper in your company office is difficult to access without physically going to the office or having a colleague to send it over to you digitally.

If your business used digital documents as a source of information, you had a better chance of working effectively from home than those that relied on paper. Yet, you may have still suffered from poor productivity where documents were stored across multiple applications. This is especially true if you did not have the access rights to the information, for example where it was stored in another employees personal e-mail folder or network file folder.

If your business uses document management software, you would have been able to access your work documents in real-time from home. The software can store all the documents in your business in one central location, with powerful search capabilities ensuring that documents you have the rights to see are found quickly.

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This article was originally posted in the InBusiness magazine. You can learn more about this publication here.