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Balancing cost effectiveness and environmental responsibility while delivering high-quality education remains an ongoing challenge for schools, higher education, and further education institutions. The good news is that the right technology can make a big difference.

Managed Print Services (MPS) offer a streamlined approach to managing print resources and boosting productivity. And pairing MPS with a refurbished Multifunctional Device (MFD) is great way to maximise benefits. Refurbished MFDs are a sustainable solution that optimise workflows while positively impacting the planet. By combining these technologies, institutions can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Five advantages of using MPS and refurbished MFDs

1. Operational Efficiency

One single system for managing the flow of information through the entire educational institution will eradicate the inefficiencies of any existing manual systems in place – systems that are open to error, vulnerable to failure and extraordinarily time consuming. A managed print service as a critical part of IT systems can consolidate workloads and make use of the institution’s resources only when needed.

2. Management and Maintenance

With one specialist provider being responsible for the installation and maintenance of the institution’s managed print service, teachers and facilities will benefit from the smooth running of operations throughout. Maintenance schedules and upgrades can be arranged when required, mitigating the risk of down time due to breakdowns and poor maintenance. There will be one point of contact for support, providing an efficient support service on demand.

3. Financial

Increasing operational efficiencies and reducing waste will produce significant cost savings. Staff will be more productive and provide enhanced teaching activities and complete additional tasks more efficiently. Strict budgets can be set up to control costs and individual/departmental usage, allowing funds to be saved for better teaching and learning activities.

4. Integration

A managed print service can be configured to integrate into existing school or higher educational systems, streamlining workflows, teaching and learning, boosting productivity and improving wider communication. The student and staff user experience are then greatly improved.

5. Sustainability

By choosing refurbished devices, used machines are given a new lease on life, reducing the need for new production and cutting down on waste. Using refurbished MFDs also saves energy and resources, making a positive impact on the environment while still delivering excellent printing, copying, and scanning capabilities. When used in combination with MPS, refurbished MFDs contribute to a reduction in paper waste, further reducing the environmental footprint.

Pairing Managed Print Services (MPS) with refurbished Multifunctional Devices (MFDs) offers a great solution for educational institutions looking to save money, work more efficiently, and help the environment. By using these technologies together, they can streamline workflows, boost productivity, reduce costs, and make a positive impact towards a greener future. It’s a win-win for everyone involved – students, teachers, and the planet.


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