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Maximise your uptime with a free 15-minute remote consultation and installation.

Please note that it is best to ask your IT department to book the appointment if you have one.

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We are committed to helping businesses work smarter.

To reduce repair times and ensure you continue to receive outstanding service, we would like to offer you a free remote installation of one of our Monitoring Solutions.

This helps us to maximise uptime by improving our ability to proactively manage your supplies and servicing.

The Benefits of Remote Fleet Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

Remote diagnostics ensure that our support team can quickly determine the most effective intervention and reduce downtime.

Predictive Supply Replenishment

Supply replenishment is predictive; assessing toner levels, your fleet monitoring solution will automatically place re-order requests so that toner can be delivered to you.

Eliminate Estimated Billing

Automated meter readings ensure that your invoices are accurate and seamlessly transmitted to our billing team on time.

How Remote Fleet Monitoring Works

The chosen Monitoring Solutions will communicate each day with a central server, collecting key information about the device and its status.

This includes information such as Toner/Ink Levels, Meter Readings and Diagnostic details.

Toner/Ink Alerts are push notifications sent when the device reaches a suitable level, directly to Agilico, providing information on which toner/ink is required.

Meter Readings are collected by Agilico’s internal systems and used to create accurate invoices.

This will all happen seamlessly, however, there are situations you should consider:

Network or hardware issues may disrupt this service.

Please note, if you have any network related issues or changes, such as a new Router, Server or PC Replacement – making sure the device is online and communicating afterwards is imperative. Please feel free to contact us to confirm devices are communicating again.

Device status

All devices will show you a toner/ink level on the display. Consult your manual to find out where.

Be vigilant. If you’re concerned about running out, please contact us.

Deliveries will take 2-3 days of receiving this alert

If you are doing large volumes or large coverage there is the potential for the device to run out of toner/ink before delivery of a replacement. Please contact us about this if you are worried – we can put exceptions in place to stop this from happening.

Things to be aware of

Only replace a toner/ink when instructed to do so by the device.

When a new toner/ink arrives, there will be an serial number on the paperwork. Making sure the toner is used for the machine intended helps the solution regulate.

  • Swapping bottles between devices might just mask a fault – you shouldn’t have to do this

There is no need to remove the toner bottles and shake them, this will not resolve copy quality issues. It may, however, create a duplicate alert or fail to alert altogether.


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