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We are proud to announce the latest version of Verify, a cloud-based, automated invoice processing solution that streamlines supplier invoice processing for businesses, is coming soon.

Verify brings visibility, efficiency and control to the processing of supplier invoices, making it easy for invoices to be distributed around a business for checking, coding, approval and posting.

Designed for use organisation-wide, our Verify platform is ideal for companies with geographically dispersed employees and also for employees who are undertaking remote working.

This leading technological platform is set to get even better with the launch of Version 5, now available. The new iteration features a new interface, increased flexibility for analysis fields/dimensions, and improved visibility of the journey the invoice is on, helping give further clarity to users about where their invoices are. As well as this, Verify also has new standard ERP integrations and, our product manager’s favourite, full line item matching for purchase orders with a new user interface to help save even more time for Verify users.

Verify initiates the process by intelligently capturing data from all invoices and automatically sending the invoice to the correct employees for checking, coding and approval. Every invoice is accessible at any time, with full audit trails and notes available. Once processed, the invoice is automatically posted to your finance system. Verify integrates with all the popular ERPs, including Sage 50, Sage 200, Xero and QuickBooks, and recently MIS and Iplicit. With the launch of Version 5, it adds Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to the lineup.

Reports can be generated that help you stay in control of your invoices, from supplier spend, user-based reporting and accruals reporting. Verify’s customisable reporting allows users to run reports on a myriad of settings and with the data most appropriate to the report. Data fields can be added and removed, grouped and sorted, and once the report is run, it can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for further enhancement and insights.

Elliot Thurley, Agile Docs Director, said,

"One of the key features of Verify is its sustainability mission. With less paper used in the invoicing process, Verify helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint. This makes it an ideal solution for companies looking to improve their environmental impact.

“As a business Agilico is committed to net zero by 2030. We know this is an ambitious target but our systems and technologies enabled low-carbon solutions that reduced energy usage. By integrating these practices into our supply chain and customer profile, we will continue to play a positive part in preserving the planet we love.

“In addition this technology upgrade further enhances the platform making it even simpler to use, even more robust and further enhances what is already an extremely reliable platform. It is a state-of-the-art solution for businesses looking to have the most efficient invoicing systems in place.”

Key feature highlights:

  • Automatically identifies the entity each invoice relates to
  • Duplicates identified when an invoice arrives in Verify
  • Full line item capture
  • Multi-level approval with custom-defined routing
  • Automated PO matching with highlighting of non-match lines
  • Enhanced green credentials

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We are committed to providing businesses with technology solutions that are efficient, sustainable and effective. Verify is just one example of our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that help businesses succeed in today’s fast-paced world.

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