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Technology Funding Availabile for Educational Institutions

Remote learning tools and technology have quickly become vital lifelines for educational institutions, with both staff and students searching for the most effective ways to continue teaching and learning in the current climate.

For state-backed educators, there are a number of Government funding opportunities – unfortunately, like numerous well intentioned government initiatives, they are not widely recognised or understood.

This means that many education leaders and decision makers are not aware of what their organisations are eligible for.

What’s more, the technology on offer is often confusing and varied, meaning it can be difficult for individual organisations to appreciate exactly what tools and systems are best suited for them, with requirements for each institution differing dramatically.

Covid-19 funding support

The Government has committed over £100 million to boost remote education, to ensure every school that needs it has access to the right technology and equipment to continue operating as close to normal as possible.

For eligible institutions, the following provisions are available:

  • Internet Access
  • Digital Devices
  • Additional Support

Who is eligible for this funding?

This funding is available for all state-funded mainstream and special schools, including:

— Primary, secondary and all through maintained schools, academies and free schools —
— 16 to 19 academies and maintained schools —
— Maintained special schools —
— Special academies and free schools —
— Non-maintained special schools —
— Pupil referral units —
— Alternative provision academies and free schools —
— Maintained hospital schools and academies —
— Eligible young people —

It’s clear that in times of national emergency, schemes such as this are welcome news for disadvantaged families, children and young people. For those without access to laptops and tablets, it is reassuring to know that appropriate technology and devices are available. In addition to this, further support surrounding Google and Microsoft tools are also on hand.

However, it is important to consider expert advice to really drill down into the requirements of your organisation, and those of your teachers and students alike. With decades of combined experience in the education sector, providing smart technology solutions and digital transformation tools to a wide range of schools, we are ideally placed to help guide your decision making in this area.

Join a 20-minute video consultation, which will help you decide which route will give you, your staff and students the best possible solution for their remote education needs.