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Amidst a landscape of digital transformation across all sectors, it’s not surprising that online learning tools have been making accelerated headway in recent times – and this trajectory was markedly steepened following school and university closures in late-March 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, due to budgetary constraints or insufficient knowledge on the most relevant tools, not all institutions were as far down the line as others. Similarly, it became clear that not all students had the necessary technology resources to take part in online learning, despite government initiatives set up to help. This left some institutions and students lagging behind.

But digital learning platforms are now a sign of modern times and look like they’re here to stay, offering new and innovative approaches for educators and students to teach and learn. Gone are the days of students being taught in relatively static ways in the traditional classroom – digital solutions are presenting more dynamic and engaging methods for learning. Gamification, collaboration and education on the move are now possible.

Platforms from Google, Microsoft and Apple are helping educational institutions embrace this new way of learning, and teachers are quickly becoming better acquainted with getting the most out of these solutions.

With lockdown restrictions easing, students are beginning to return to the classroom. But things will have changed. Continued social distancing may mean that students cannot all be in the same room at the same time. Options such as splitting attendance to the morning for some and afternoon for others may help. And this is where online learning tools can help, bridging this gap between in-class and remote education.

We have partnered with the expert education team at Aspire 2Be to provide educators access to and accreditation for training platforms from leading providers: Apple, Google and Microsoft.

The products and services available will assist you through Covid-19 and beyond, providing your educational organisation with a flexible and instant gateway to outstanding teaching and learning courses, with technology integration at its heart.


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