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Recent health studies have reported bad news for office-based workers.

Sharing the negative health implications of leading a sedentary lifestyle, they have led to sitting being branded ‘the new smoking’. Most of us who spend our working week hunched over a desk can relate to hip, back and neck ache. Unfortunately, aches and pains are common causes for absenteeism from work, highlighting the importance of investing in modern office furniture for your organisation.

The NHS warns, however, that sitting for prolonged periods may have even more serious health implications. Long hours of inactivity may put office staff at an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.


Minimise the risk with modern furniture

modern furniture from HOE - height adjustable desk

Electronic height adjustable desk

Current advice to organisations with office-based employees is to encourage them to take regular breaks. For example, holding a walking meeting or going to speak to a colleague in person rather than  picking up the phone. While these suggestions offer a step in the right direction, they don’t address the symptoms that uncomfortable chairs and long periods spent sitting can bring.

Example of a standing desk improving posture.

We’ve been supplying businesses in the Highlands with office furniture since 1974. As focus moves towards the good health and wellbeing of employees we’ve added to our portfolio with modern furniture from top brands including Sven Christiansen and Senator. We offer ergonomic, orthopaedic office chairs with features such as lumbar pumps, seat slides, and high backrests. These products allow each employee to adjust seating correctly for their individual needs.

We can sell height adjustable desks which lower the risk of weight gain, back pain, and staff absenteeism. They have also been linked to increased productivity, energy and mood levels.

Advice from our team

Ewen Gallie, one of our Offices Furniture experts said:

‘Every employer has a duty of care to look after their staff. Helping someone who may be sat at a desk for eight hours or more during the day to have good posture could be the difference between them being signed off sick or not.’

‘Height-adjustable desking is proven to be beneficial to both health and wellbeing and is fast becoming the modern way of working. Standing helps blood circulation but also oxygenates the brain, which in turn aids concentration. Having the option to sit or stand prevents fatigue and therefore has the potential to raise productivity. Investment in office furniture helps organisations to save money by having a fit and able workforce.’

Space planning and design services

Modern furniture from HOE - stylish seating


Increasingly, organisations are offering their workforce break-out areas and the opportunity to step away from their desks while working. We offer a personalised space planning and design service. By looking at your space, and listening to your needs we will recommend furniture to meet your requirements. We can advise you on the best opportunity for workflow, communication and the logistical aspects of health and safety. Ewen said:

‘Investment in office furniture can help organisations save money. We can visit an office and speak to your staff so that they all have the right seat and desk for them.’

The latest in ergonomic, orthopaedic seating and desking is on display and open to the public at our Inverness showroom. If you would like to speak to one of our experts about our products and services or visit our showroom, get in touch now, we would be delighted to hear from you.

This blog has been adapted with the kind permission of SPP Media from an article published about us in their Executive Magazine.