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Here at Agilico, we want to ensure that when customers are using an existing device or deciding to install a new machine, they have the confidence that they won’t be putting employees at risk.

We have, therefore, been busy, not only delivering products and services that allow teams to work remotely, but also developing solutions which ensure the return to the office is safe as possible when using our on-premise devices.

We know that there is going to be a greater emphasis on working safely and this will include the sharing of hardware and office products, such as office printers and multi-functional devices.

With this in mind, we will ensure that any new device arrives in the safest possible condition, delivered by our team who have been briefed to ensure they follow all related safety guidelines. These will include wearing disposable gloves and social distancing while on your premises.

Read Our Engineer Safety Procedures

  • Our engineers will contact clients prior to a visit to explain carefully how the visit will be carried out in terms of health & safety and risk mitigation
  • If multiple people are needed for a visit, we will ensure all our engineers travel in separate vehicles
  • We will also explain on the doorstep what actions our team will take before entering the property
  • Wherever possible, we will make use of disposable gloves and ensure they are disposed of in a safe manner
  • Before entering and leaving any building, our engineers will wash their hands with soap and water or sanitising gel
  • We will ensure members of our team or clients remain at least two metres from each other, avoiding close proximity in enclosed areas wherever possible
  • Our engineers will clean any machinery before they attempt to repair it
  • We will clean any boxes/packaging thoroughly with spray and wipe over. Where possible our team will do the same with any package contents
  • Waste paper and packaging will be carefully placed in the nearest waste bin
  • As our teams leave the exit door and before entering our vehicles, they will spray the soles of their feet

But what about safely using the device moving forward?

Login & Print All

A good way to reduce the time users spend interacting with a device is to change the settings to automatically release all their print jobs at once. It may have been the case that your previous settings allowed staff to scroll through all their print jobs via the touchscreen, and then to release specific items. However, this obviously means that users will potentially be contaminating the machine.

A quick and simple fix is to change the settings, so all print jobs are released when the user authenticates themselves at a device.

Key Card Authentication

Rather than having to enter a pin code or password to unlock a device, a proximity key card will enable users to simply walk up to a machine and hover their card over a sensor, which will then provide access.

Not only do these key cards allow your staff to authenticate themselves at MFDs, they can also be set up to give your colleagues access to a building or room.

If your machine currently uses passwords or pin numbers and you'd like to start using key cards for contactless operation, please get in touch.

Stylus Pens

Rather than allowing your staff to physically touch an LCD screen on an MFD, consider using stylus pens, which will completely remove the need for them to use the touchscreen with their fingers.

Our Device Health Packs provide these - scroll down to find out more.

Shortcut Settings

Another way to reduce the number of touch points on a device is to set up simple shortcuts, which can automate frequently completed tasks.

Shortcuts could include scanning jobs straight to an email address or network folder, placing frequently used icons on the home screen of a user's profile, or printing jobs on double sided paper.

Settings Via a Personal Device

Adding a printer/scanning/copying client to a user's workstation will allow them to make all required selections directly from their own computer.

Then, once they send a job to the MFD, everything is already taken care of. All that's needed is for them to authenticate and release the job.

Visual Messaging

For devices with touchscreens, it's likely that you'll be able to add personalised messages to display when a user walks up to a device. These could cover best practice guidelines for the safe use of a machine, or required device cleaning duties.

We can help with set up, should you wish to add visual messages to any of your devices.

For all new device installations, we will be providing Device Health Packs with each order.

Our technicians will coat each device with Zoono Z-71 sanitising germ protection spray, and will then hygienically wrap each device prior to delivery. Zoono Z-71 is a non-hazardous solution which stays active for up to 30 days and remains intact even with the additional use of alcohol cleaning products (such as gels or sanitisers) on users’ hands.

Treatment will cover the following areas:

  • LCD display
  • Operation panel
  • Document feeder
  • Paper cassette handles

Results show that Zoono’s Z-71 Microbe Shield is > 99.99% effective against COVID-19.

In addition to coating the device upon delivery, we will also provide:

  • A spare 60ml spray bottle of Zoono Z-71 for future use/coverage
  • Simple ‘how-to’ guide and microfibre cloth to apply future coverings
  • Stylus pens for employee use, providing further protection

Read more detailed information about Zoono Z-71 on the official website.