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Perhaps your law firm’s paper consumption is the elephant in the room?

You know it’s there, it’s huge, it costs a fortune, it’s not efficient and it takes effort to manage and control, but it needs to be tackled.

Despite the benefits of embracing a digital workflow system in efficiency, security, compliance and cost, it’s the cultural challenge rather than the technical one that still holds many firms back.

Embracing digital workflow isn’t easy

For a number of reasons:
1.Buy-in from all staff for new ways of working
2.Updating technology IT infrastructure to enable electronic workflow
3.Project radar in IT may have more pressing challenges
4.The perceived reassurance of paper files being less susceptible to security hacks
5.Going digital can increase risk of Data Loss
6.Managing the cultural change throughout the firm

And there’s no going back once you commit, so the pressure to choose the right system and implement it in the right way is significant.

However, as it’s a top 4 overhead for legal firms, the reality is that it simply cannot be ignored – the benefits are too many; the savings too significant and the potential efficiencies and improvement in client facing services is too great.

The answer – designed by legal experts

We provide smarter document workflow and “Less Paper“ printing systems to the legal sector. Our team provide sound advice and proven solutions that help law firms create, manage, share and distribute documents more effectively and securely. In doing so we cut out the unnecessary cost, waste, effort and stress associated with paper based workflow, allowing fee earners to free up more billable hours.

Our systems address the whole document lifecycle from capture to archive, and creation to output. They have been fine-tuned by working with industry focus groups and legal systems providers, ensuring they’re designed from the ground up and future proof to meet the ever evolving demands of a more agile and mobile legal service.

Communicating change and ensuring buy in

Designing, testing and implementing the system is only half the task. We will work alongside your team to ensure the cultural change is aligned perfectly to your firm and has engagement with the key stakeholders at the core to ensure buy in. Working in partnership, we will identify any challenges; help you avoid any trip wires and ensure the project is seen as a great success, delivering the outcome you seek, with a smooth implementation via an effective and inclusive communication strategy that ensures buy-in from all users.

Many challenges face the legal industry, and some firms are embracing ’paperlite’ processes to help them transform and deliver better service and better returns.