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@Remote is a powerful software tool from Ricoh that will provide you with proactive fleet management in a cost effective and automated way.


Firstly, it’s a new kind of support service, which achieves greater operating efficiency for output devices. @Remote is an Internet-based support for remote management of digital multi-purpose devices and laser printers. The @Remote technology turns collected data into detailed device knowledge.

With the advent of this kind of service, the status of devices on the network can be monitored in real time. Required services can be delivered rapidly, and breakdowns prevented and also downtime shortened. The awkward processes of checking the situation and notifying us can be eliminated.

Whatever the size of your business, @Remote will let you can manage output devices in a cost-effective and automated way.

Key benefits of @Remote are:

  • Automatic fault and service notifications. With @Remote, alerts are sent when a fault occurs and a diagnostic report is generated. Faults are either fixed remotely by one of our help desk engineers, or on-site – meaning less equipment downtime. All alerts come directly to Capital for us to action. We may be alerted that a device requires a new part or toner. We can then arrange for an engineer or operator to carry out the necessary action.
  • Automatic toner alerts. Your printers and multifunctional devices (MFDs) need never run out of toner again. This helps maximise your equipment up-time and productivity.
  • Automatic meter readings. One of the arduous tasks eliminated by @Remote is the manual collection of meter readings. Instead, this job is done for you – taking up-to-date, accurate readings form your entire device fleet. Once the software is installed, readings can be transmitted and invoices created automatically.  Therefore, helping you increase productivity and reduce your admin costs.
  • Green Reports. These can track performances from an environmental perspective and make it easy to visualise trends of CO2 savings, power usage, and paper consumption on Ricoh devices. The reports are designed to help organisations understand and achieve the potential environmental benefits through better management of their fleet.

The Capital Document Solutions team are @Remote experts. For more information on how we can help you, get in touch with us today.