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Over recent years we have seen a significant shift in the use of the office printer and humble photocopier. No longer are these devices used for little more than to churn out paper.

Latest generation Multifunctional Devices or MFD’s are now the utility player of the modern day office, agile and flexible in their capability, able to adapt to changing needs and deliver more integrated workflow for greater efficiencies.

Indeed, our own research across our customer base reveals that the appetite for “Paperlite“ and more robust and agile digital workflow is now driving a greater adoption of MFDs rather than printers in the modern office landscape. The ability to capture, manage and distribute documents intuitively from the MFD directly into a business’ core systems such as accounts, HR, CRM or ERP is a key part of that step change. Most business want to optimise process, driving out unnecessary cost, time & risk from traditionally paper intensive tasks, to deliver more robust information management and a better customer service.

As a result of this, printing and imaging infrastructure is no longer seen as merely a business or facilities service but more a strategic asset that needs to be closely managed and aligned to information strategy. Not keeping up to date with your printing and imaging fleet can prove costly as old devices tend to have considerably higher running costs with no method of auditing or controlling usage and cost and little integration capability with modern business systems. As much as 3% of business revenue is spent on print related activity, half of which is typically unseen and unaccounted for.

Time for a health check?

It is important to acknowledge that lots of organisations have seen their printing and imaging landscape evolve in an unstructured way over time, with desktop devices popping up like mushrooms and with little control or alignment to the wider business need. This is often from a range of suppliers making support and supply chain management even more challenging and costly. These environments are probably no longer fit for purpose and a simple, no obligation “health check“ from Agilico can help a business identify and understand what the impact is on their business in time, effort, waste and money and the opportunity for improvement…

By replacing various “unmanaged“ devices with a common build, “right sized“ fleet from one provider can deliver huge gains in productivity and efficiency and deliver significant returns, typically 30-40%.

To find out more about our no obligation, “Health check“ service contact our team today.