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On Thursday, November 30th we were delighted to invite some of our clients to the iconic London Lee Valley Park Velodrome, for an afternoon of track cycling and professional coaching on one of the fastest tracks in the world.

With exclusive access to the hallowed velodrome boards, made famous at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, our 15 Agilico Velo Riders donned their personal jerseys and walked out into the impressive venue.

After an initial bike fitting and introductory brief, we began our first slow lap to familiarise ourselves with the fixed gear and no brake setup. Once comfortable, we then increased our speed for another few laps, before rising up to the wooden boards and 45 degree banked turns to hit top speed.

Thankfully we all successfully kept our bikes upright and kept pedalling, with the fixed gears meaning if we ever stopped pedalling we’d lock the rear wheels and go sailing through the air.

Our session ended with a flying lap challenge, where we each individually took to the track to set our fastest time over one flying lap. Congratulations to David McWilliam from Ellis Jones, with his fastest time of 18.664 seconds, and Carri Coakley from Mayo Wynne Baxter, with her fastest time of 22.056 seconds!

We followed our track session with some very well earned food and drinks a short distance away at a The Cow in Stratford.

A huge thank you to all our attendees for making this event such a success. We really enjoyed hosting you.

Will we be making this an annual event? After the feedback and buzz this year, we just might have to!

I’ve been involved in countless customer events over the years and I have to say this one stands heads and shoulders above the usual rugby or golf days that I’ve been involved in. It was great to hear everyone talking about how much they loved the event and how nice it was to do something completely different. A big congratulations to David McWilliam at Ellis Jones and Carri Coakley at Mayo Wynne Baxter for winning the fastest male and female trophies!

Andy YoungRegional Managing Director, Agilico