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Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Destructive trends in ocean health have not abated. The ocean, the world’s largest ecosystem, continues to be endangered by rising acidification, eutrophication, declining fish stocks and mounting plastic pollution.

While there has been some progress in expanding marine protected areas and combatting illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing over the years, more concerted efforts and acceleration are urgently needed. Urgent and coordinated global action is needed to continue to advance towards SDG14.

Our Work in This Area

No Bottled Water

It's a simple (but important) change - we've removed all plastic bottled water from our offices and sites across Great Britain, instead ensuring our colleagues and visitors make use of our taps with reusable bottles or cups.

Jessie the Jellyfish

Jessie the Jellyfish is a sustainable children’s book that follows the story of a lonely jellyfish. It’s an engaging and true story about how our wonderful oceans are changing and how they’re affected by the increasing problem that is plastic pollution. Any school that has taken one of our refurbished devices will receive a complimentary copy of this book, to help teach their pupils the importance surrounding sea plastics.

Biodegradable Shrink Wrap

Agilico had previously used circa 165 miles of shrink wrap every year. Most of this ends up as non-recyclable waste and it takes 40-50 years to decompose. We have partnered with a leading manufacturer of bio-plastics to implement a new high strength film, that degrades in 2-3 years. In addition, it’s Oxo-Biodegradable, which means that when exposed to light, air and water, it degrades into food for microorganisms, helping to reduce the world-wide issue of plastic waste.

Reduced Plastic Waste

With much of the world's plastic waste ending up in the oceans, we've committed to reducing wherever possible the amount of plastic waste we consume at our sites. Plastic is a major marine polluter, and we're continuously looking at ways to stop it entering our offices and warehouses.

Charitable Partnerships

We've set up partnerships with various local charities working on water and marine cleanups. Our CSR days, made available to all of our colleagues, enables them to take part in paid days off to commit to helping these charities.

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