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Reduce inequality within and among countries

Before the pandemic, the incomes of the bottom 40% of the population grew faster than the national average in a majority of countries.

The impacts of the pandemic and uneven recoveries in different regions of the world threaten to reverse that trend and further worsen global inequality. Record numbers are being forced to flee conflicts and economic hardship. By mid-2022, one in 251 people worldwide was a refugee, the highest proportion ever documented.

Achieving SDG 10 requires concerted efforts to address the root causes of wage disparities and access to resources both within- and between-country inequality.

Our Work in This Area

Real Living Wage

To be a truly responsible organisation, support must first be focused within. We’re committed to going further than minimum government requirements, and we believe our staff deserve a wage that they can truly live on – one which meets the costs of everyday living and more. We’re proud to be Real Living Wage Accredited.

Alan Shearer Foundation Partnership

Our exclusive partnership with the Alan Shearer Foundation in 2024 for the Great North Run will see over 30 of our colleagues running and raising more than £30,000 for this fantastic charity, which is a highly specialist, disability, respite, residential and social provision for people with complex disabilities and acute sensory impairments.

More To Come

Our internal SDG hub is currently receiving ideas from colleagues across our business on the next steps we can take to achieve this goal.

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