Solution Benefits

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved print performance and efficiency
  • Scalable and flexible solutions

Customer Profile

  • the UK’s largest producer of luxury cashmere and fine woollens
  • Family owned mills in Elgin and Hawick
  • Six retail locations across the UK

About Johnstons of Elgin

Johnstons of Elgin is the UK’s largest producer of luxury cashmere and fine woollens and has over two centuries of experience making products that are made to last for more than a lifetime.  Their mills in Elgin and Hawick are still family-owned and they dye, spin, weave and finish everything on site.

The company has six retail locations in the United Kingdom (London, Hawick, Kildare, Edinburgh, St Andrews and at the original Elgin mill). Its products are stocked in more than a hundred stores in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Once we decided to proceed with the Highland team, they helped us every step of the way: through the hardware changeover, configuration and staff training – across all our sites.

How We Helped

The company is committed to continually improving their sustainability and reducing their environmental footprint and it was one of their key requirements when looking for a new print services provider.

After a thorough site audit and review, we submitted a proposal to improve Johnstons’ print fleet and positively affect performance, efficiency, costs and environmental impact.

Since the awarding of the contract we have installed solutions which provide the functionality required by the company, while also being sufficiently scalable and flexible to deal with future needs. Full training and support followed installation and is always available whenever Johnstons requires.

When reviewing our print services contract, we felt that there could be improvements in both the service level and cost. I was impressed by the level of detail they went into to review our current set-up.

They reconciled current usage and provided a detailed proposal on how they could help us. We compared them against some big industry names. We found that their ethos and values closely matched our own at Johnstons."