Solution Benefits

  • Up to 20% cost reduction per year
  • £6,400 saved each year
  • Full visibility over all networked devices
  • Secure print environment

Customer Profile

  • Recruitment
  • 250+ staff
  • 70 European locations

About Robert Half

Robert Half is a global recruitment agency specialising in the financial field, placing for roles such as Accountants, Credit Controllers and Financial Directors.

The Robert Half head office is based in Birmingham, this office controls the IT for some 70 offices that the firm owns across Europe.

Key Drivers For Change

  • Significant lack of security
  • Need for restricted scan
  • Changing industry regulations
  • Large existing fleet
  • Desire to unify across all European offices

The Challenge

Security around the firm’s print output was the key challenge for Robert Half. It was desired to restrict scanning capabilities to a few key users within the business.

As a result of changing industry requirements, the business is now legally bound to keep on record different information about each of their candidates. This challenge came as a result of increased concerns over this candidate information leaving the company via unauthorised routes.

Within Robert Half’s head office the existing print fleet consisted of a small number of desktop scanners and a large amount of stand alone Xerox photocopiers.
Each of the firm’s European offices are fitted with a unified estate of Canon devices and therefore the firm was hoping to standardise their platform across all locations.

The Solution

Being Canon’s number one distributer in the UK, we were any an easy choice for Robert Half when looking to standardise their print devices.

We supplied the recruitment agency with a unified fleet of Canon devices in two stints. The initial implementation consisted of eleven devices and seven were supplied in the second. Each one of these 18 devices are installed with uniFLOW software allowing for secure print release and scan licences significantly reducing the chances of leaked information.

These facilities have come equipped with IRIS, a character recognition software which runs rules based print and scanning checking for any key words within the document and either stop the request or notify key personnel of the print or scan request. These rules are set by the administrator to identify particular formats or words within the document. This software has added to the business’ security, negating the need for concern over leaked information.
In addition to these solutions, we have supplied additional MEAP licences which have been added to the majority of devices in Europe. MEAP licences give the customer the ability to run Java script software through Canon Devices.

Robert Half now have a scalable, manageable solution with additional features and controls that can be rolled out across the business should the need arise.

The Benefits

  • Unified Canon fleet
  • 18 new devices Integrated with uniFLOW security software and scan licences
  • Integrated with character recognition software, IRIS
  • Improved security significantly reducing risks of data loss
  • A scaleable and managable solution