Solution Benefits

  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved Sustainability
  • Single Supplier

Customer Profile

  • Higher Education

When Stockton Riverside College went to tender for a Managed Print Solution, they envisaged using one supplier to offer a fully-encompassing solution that would offer value for money, reliability, and a better end-user experience to staff and students.

They had previously used three print suppliers, which made managing the hardware, software and servicing more difficult for college staff. Furthermore, the ageing equipment was becoming problematic and unreliable. This had to be resolved so the college could offer a better service to their students and also save money on their printing costs.

Many of the old printer fleet only produced black and white print, meaning that the type of document production available for students and staff was limited. The reprographics department were also in need of equipment which would offer better quality and more advanced finishing options.

All of the students at the college pay for their prints, by adding money to their account via coin loaders available to them in the Learning Resource Centre. They then pick up their print jobs at the device, and the cost of the print is deducted from their account balance. The coin loaders which were available to students to load their accounts only took coins but not notes, and furthermore wouldn’t take some newer coins, so this issue had to be addressed.

We have been extremely happy with the solution installed and have had very positive feedback from both our staff and students.

Agilico delivered exactly what they promised with no hassle or issues. We have been very impressed with the solution and service they provided.

Head of IT ServicesStockton Riverside College
The result

Stockton Riverside College put its requirements for a Managed Print Solution out to tender with fifteen interested parties. It was vital that the new supplier would supply reliable and durable hardware, intelligent software and excellent service support throughout the duration of the contract. Agilico’s previous experience in the education sector allowed it to fully understand the challenges faced by Stockton Riverside College. The proposal that was put forward fully met the requirements of the College and so Agilico were chosen as the successful supplier.

A fleet of 17 brand new multi-function printers were installed throughout the college, replacing their previous ageing devices. The install was completed with minimal disruption to the college’s staff and students. The new devices are a lot more efficient, printing at faster speeds at a much lower cost, and incorporate user-friendly touch screen displays where users can preview their documents before printing.

The equipment installed into the Reprographics department offers better quality and advanced finishing options, including booklet making, stapling, comb binding, and folding. This gave the college more flexibility to produce their own marketing materials as well as allowing staff and students to produce higher-quality documents.

The College’s previous print management software was not embedded within the MFPs, meaning that print jobs had to be released via a terminal attached to each device. This technology was outdated and unreliable.

The new solution integrates with the staff and students’ ID cards, allowing users to swipe their card at a machine to pick up their prints. Updated coin loaders were also installed, allowing users to pay for print via both coins and notes. This introduction of ‘follow-me’ print and rules-based printing has also improved document security, and reduced the amount of waste produced, thus reducing costs.

  • Reduced printing costs
  • Centrally managed service and toner supply
  • Secure ‘follow-me’ printing and colour control
  • Full visibility over printing volumes
  • Single partner