Solution Benefits

  • Reliable printer fleet
  • Reliable network of engineers
  • A range of services that work with various external software suppliers
  • Automated Toner replacements

Customer Profile

  • Fuel Distribution
  • HQ: Bathgate, Scotland
  • Multiple sites across the UK

About Johnston Fuels

Johnston Fuels has been on the road since 1965, distributing heating oil, commercial fuels, lubricants and LPG to homes and businesses throughout Scotland. Additionally, they have a vehicle maintenance division and selection of fuel cards, while ensuring that homes across Scotland are kept warm with their heating services team and range of biofuel products.

Over 18,000 homes depend on Johnston Fuels to keep warm and it’s when conditions are at their worst that they’re most needed. Come wind, rain or snow, they pull out all the stops to deliver. In their business you can’t be a fair-weather supplier.

The Challenge

Johnston Fuels have multiple sites across the UK and required a supplier whose printers were reliable and who offered a nationwide network of engineers who could offer support as soon as possible.

Their existing printing solution needed upgrading and rationalisation to maximise operational efficiencies, achieve cost savings and minimise environmental impact.

The challenge was to appoint a single supplier to work with them to proactively manage their print service, have the ability to work with their external software suppliers and with the service capacity to cover all of their locations. Like Johnston Fuels they couldn’t only be a fair-weather supplier.

Agilico have been providing us with managed printer services for over ten years. They have always delivered as expected and we know we can count on them. They are knowledgeable, professional, and we appreciate their high levels of customer service. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Stephen WilkinsIT Operations Manager, Johnston Fuels

The Solution

The first step for us was to identify what assets Johnston Fuels had. This was done by conducting site audits, the results from which allowed us to make meaningful recommendations for services including Multifunctional devices (MFDs) and print management software.

Following a successful pilot, installation at all locations commenced with all work carried out by our own dedicated installation team. This was followed up by full training on the new hardware and software by our customer training officers.

With the contract fully live we proactively manage the account and attend regular reviews to ensure the contract continues to meet all its objectives.


We have been working with Johnston Fuels for over ten years to help them with the rapidly changing office environment.

The implementation of Ricoh MFDs, with full @Remote automation, and Laserfiche invoice processing software has helped drive down expenditure, power usage and CO2 emissions, while providing greater efficiencies across their business.

As a multiple site client Johnston Fuels has benefitted from our unparalleled nationwide coverage, so when they’ve needed help urgently – a service required, waste toner issues for example – we are able to support within 24 hours to ensure their site is up and running as soon as possible.

Our ethos as well as that of Johnston Fuels is sustainability. We’ve worked together to extend and reuse the Ricoh MFDs throughout the organisation to maximise the life of equipment which has helped further reduce their environmental footprint whilst providing extra cost savings.