Solution Benefits

  • Scalable solution
  • Seamless integration with Sage
  • Automatic routing of documents for approval
  • Full visibility of documents throughout the process
  • Improved accuracy and speed of processing
  • Removed document/paper storage issues

Customer Profile

  • Water collection, treatment & supply
  • Jersey

About Jersey Water

Jersey Water collects, stores and treats ‘raw water’ converting it to usable water before distributing to its customers on the Island.

Jersey Water has to collect, record and store letters, statements, invoices and other sensitive customer documents for its 30,000+ customers. This resulted in the company having to file large amounts of paper records locally in its main office premises or store its documents in an archive. Given the space required to store an estimated 200,000 paper based customer documents, the company had a strong business case for an electronic Document Management (eDM) solution.

The Challenge

Jersey Water previously used an extension of its core billing solution as an eDM solution as it had dual integration with its billing and customer content management system – HiAffinity. When looking to adopt a new eDM, Jersey Water required a solution that could not only out perform its existing system, but also could integrate with its core business solutions.

Business Systems and Project Manager at Jersey Water, David Bloomfield, explains why the company chose Invu and how the solution has met these business critical objectives.

Implementing Invu Workflow allows us to automatically take copies of customer bills and invoices and pull them into Invu every day. We can now load various documents into Invu in a number of different ways, including scanning them in or saving them directly from a desktop.

David BloomfieldBusiness Systems and Project Manager

Paper Based Filing

With limited ground water resources, Jersey is almost entirely reliant on surface water for its mains water supply. For Jersey Water, which supplies drinking water to over 90% of the island’s population, this requires a significant investment of resource and comprehensive management of reservoirs; treatment works; and pipe networks at 20 sites across the Island. Serving over 30,000 customers placed a significant strain on the paper based filing system, not just in regards to the physical space, but also to the incumbent eDM which recorded any paper documents in a TIFF file format, which made searching for customer information very difficult.

David Bloomfield explains the synergy the company now achieves between its customer content management system – HiAffinity – and Invu, “When dealing with customer enquiries our staff need to access individual customer data instantly, within just a few clicks of the mouse. Searching on a unique identifier in HiAffinity – such as customer number or property number – automatically initiates a search within Invu and instantly provides the customer service agent with all documents related to that individual customer. This has brought us significant time savings and increased the quality of service we provide to our customers.


The flexibility provided by the Invu eDM solution, provided by local partner Logicalis Offshore, enables Jersey Water to make savings on employee time, not to mention the saving on physical space now that the filing cabinets have been made redundant. With seamless integration with its core business system, employees are now able to process documents of all file types. Bloomfield continues, “We can now load various documents into Invu in a number of different ways, including scanning them in or saving them directly from a desktop.

Added Security

The eDM solution has also added an extra layer of security when storing private customer data whilst also providing full audit trail capabilities. As Bloomfield explains, “The added security benefits we receive from the Invu eDM far outweigh those than our previous paper based systems. The Invu solution gives us the assurance that access to customer information remains fully controlled with visibility of who is accessing it, meaning that it is kept safe and secure within the solution.

The workflow is operating so well that we are now planning to deploy the Invu Workflow module to more business areas to help streamline and automate other critical processes.

David BloomfieldBusiness Systems and Project Manager

In Conclusion

The implementation and migration to the Invu solution began in 2012, and is now 100% complete. Over this time Jersey Water has been working with Agilico to successfully migrate existing TIFF documents and capture any additional paper based documents stored in filing cabinets and in the archive. Jersey Water is now looking to explore other Agilico solutions to achieve further efficiency savings. Bloomfield concludes, “In addition to Invu eDM, we have implemented one workflow that allows us to automatically take copies of customer bills and invoices and pull them into Invu every day. This benefits us from an audit perspective as it means we are able to see where bills and invoices are at any stage of the process.